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HOw does SATA determine Boot drive

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HOw does SATA determine Boot drive

  • Having bought a Dimension 2310, I added my storage HDD ( 170gig) with a SATA adapter.

    Initially, I set the added HDD to slave, but when doing that, eliminated the ability to read the boot drive.

    Reading through the forum I found a few replies mentioning that the added HDD is set to MASTER. If that is the case, how does the box know which will be the boot drive?

    Also, what are the settings for SATA in the BIOS ( ovbiously, I've only worked with IDE before. It has four setting for SATA. Does that mean that each MB connetion for a SATA drive can actually mount two HDD's like with IDE's?

    I am conufed, help would be appreciated,

  • There is no 2310 - what model is it?
  • Oops,

    it's an E310

  • SATA is one drive, one channel. SATA0 is the normal boot device.

    Most SATA converters require you to have the jumper set for Master.
  • Thank you for the info

    further question:

    I have two SATA connectors on the MB. Why, on the BIOS, are there two SATA and two SATA0 referrences?

    Sorry, still a little confused
  • A similar BIOS is used for higher end models that have four SATA connectors.