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Sonic DVD and Cd Burner Dell XPS 400 Windows XP Office

  • I am having so many problems , it is about to drive me nuts, I have this new PC , have been almost 3 weeks trying to figure this Sonic out, no luck, I cannot get it to burn a DVD or copy, when I go to Device manager it has it there , the properties has Sony CD-RW + DVD/CD-R for drive E location 1, the DVD Drive, which is suppose to be drive D has Sony DVD-Rom and DVD/CD-R, location 0, I can get it to work on some Cd's , all the new ones have to be formatted if I don't select DLA or it won't let me use them, then when I do about 10 photos for E-bay, which are not large photo's, they are cropped etc. the CD is full, I am using a CD-R 16X-80 min. 700MB CD and also tried it with the same space on a CD-RW, I don't understand how it can be full that fast, normally I use 1 CD for a year to store all of my E-bay photos on and it is still not full. I use the same kind of CD the 700MB for the whole year, what am I doing wrong. This Sonic is the worst and hardest program I have ever used , I am not an expert on computers, but do know a lot about them and have never had so much trouble in my life. Why do you have to use DLA?
    The Sonic version I have is 2.0.0, LEv7 if that means anything.
    I have went and installed the Power DVD program.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks 
  • DLA is a separate program from Sonic Recordnow or whatever your normal program is. You can uninstall DLA completely in Add/Remove progams. Even the regular Windows CD burning wizard is better than DLA, IMHO.

    What brand of media are you using? You said 16x CD-Rs? I mean just about any store has 40-50x CD-Rs these days.

  • Thanks for the info, if uninstall the DLA , will I be able to use this CD burner, I don't have a Sonic disk , it just came on here, I  have tried the HI-Tech CD-R 16X 80 min/ 700MB, the DC_RW same min and mb and the one that has kust TDK, it also is a 700MB, what I don't understand with the Gateway which was Roxio software, I would use the same media and use it for a years worth of photos or whatever I wanted to add to it, and it still has room left, I do a lot of e-bay and that is a lot of folders. Thanks for any help.
  • How did you create the discs on the Gateway with Roxio software?
    Did you use DirectCD (formatted)?
  • Yes that is what the Gateway had, I always used Direct CD , then it would ask leave as is when you eject it and that is what I did, but this is a new CD I am using now on this one. Thanks
  • DLA is to Sonic what DirectCD is to Roxio.  DLA will read discs created
    by DirectCD but will not write to them.  What you are up against is that
    the packet writing programs (DLA and DirectCD) are not interchangable.
    That leaves you two choices: 

    You need to install Roxio (versions 6, 7, 7.5 or 8) on your Dell system
    and do as you have always done or learn to use DLA and convert your old
    discs to DLA by receating them.
  • I may check and see if I can get a Roxio, some of my CD's I have done on the Roxio will work right away on this Sonic some will not, but if you check the DLA and explore it will open most of the time, the main problem now is I cannot copy a cd that I make with the Sonic to a DVD. Thanks for the help.

  • territrimble wrote:
    I may check and see if I can get a Roxio, some of my CD's I have done on the Roxio will work right away on this Sonic some will not, but if you check the DLA and explore it will open most of the time, the main problem now is I cannot copy a cd that I make with the Sonic to a DVD. Thanks for the help.

    If you format the media with Sonic's DLA it will be interchangeable with Roxio's DirectCD. Provided you don't close the media.

    It won't work the other way around though.

    This will also be easier that trying to coach a program (Roxio V5) that was dropped 3 years ago to run on a new XP machine!
  • Thanks very much, I am doing pretty good now with the Cd's, one said it was full after just a few photos, I do not know what happened, I opened it again and it had all kinds of space left, I did not know that the Cd's had to be formatted, I thought they were when you bought them, the only thing I cannot get to work is the DVD player, to burn a disk or copy one, it will play a DVD movie when I put one in, so it has to be working, guess I must be doing something wrong, I am not going with the Roxio , just keep trying to learn this , if worst comes to worst I will call Dell if time ever permits. Thanks for all the help.
  • Look in the Device Manager and click the (+) next to DVD/CD-ROM drives.
    Post the Brand and Model of the drives.
  • Ok in the Device manager it has, Sony CD-RW CRX217E. That is the first one.

    The next one has, SONY DVD-ROM DDU1615.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Neither of your drive are capable of writing to DVD media.  The SONY
    CRX217E 48X CDRW Drive can read and write CD and CDRW media only. 
    User's Guide is here .............

    The SONY DDU1615 16X H/H DVD-ROM Drive is capable of reading DVD and
    CD media only.  It cannot burn anything. User's Guide is here .........
  • I suppose that is why I am having trouble, I purchased this at a local mall in Louisville, Ky and explained very well what I wanted so I could be sure, I told him I wanted the DVD burner to put photos on a DVD so I could watch them from my DVD player on my TV, he said that was what I got, well he did not give me what I asked for, I guess I need to call, Dell, I have never used a DVD burner before, my Gateway only had one drive, but it was a CD burner , it would burn  or copy whatever you call it music etc., which is not what I wanted, I did not use that much, I thought if I tried to explain to the salesman just what I wanted he would understand, I really did not know what to call it, so I told him step by step what I wanted the DVD drive for . That was all I wanted to do with it was for photos. That really upsets me that a salesman would not know what I meant. I did not think I was so dumb that I could not get this thing to work, I am not an expert, but know a little about one. Thanks for your help. Therefore I have no use for the DVD drive except to watch a DVD movie on, is that correct, which is not anything like I told the salesman. Thanks so much.
  • Actually, the DVD drive can become your work drive for most functions
    on the computer.  If you obtain a DVD burner, you will want to replace
    the CDRW drive.  A DVD burner does everything.  A good place to obtain
    a DVD burner is online at  The favored brands of this
    forum is Plextor, Pioneer and the retail NEC drives.
  • Thanks for all the help on here, for sure you will get very little help from Dell, I spent hours trying to figure this out, finally this board has answered my problem, called Dell spent almost 45 minutes, poor support, then they send me to customer care which is not open today , Dell has poor support , nothing like Gateway, they would help with any problem you had. This board has been great, thanks so much.