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Local Disk (G)?

  • When I started my computer I received a message from Pinnacle program that my drives had problems.  Now when I open My Computer files, it is showing Local Disk (G).  I only have one hard drive.  Under it's properties it's file system is FAT and is 30mb and 99% free.  Did something partition my hard drive?  I have a 8200 with XP.  I tried system restore and scan for any spyware and viruses.  I appreciate any help.
    Thanks in advance.
  • My friend, it seems that you have an extra Partition created for your HDD.

    When you open My Computer, do you see a Local Disk (C:) and the Local Disk (G:)? And does it seem that the C Drive is ok when the G Drive is like a Tumor that won't go away taking a precious chunk of space? If that's so, then you definitely have an unneeded partition.

    To remedy the problem, you have to use the WinXP Cd, go into the Recovery Console, and type in "Partition", then it should give you a list of the available partitions on your HDD and some choices to delete or copy some. I think you know what to do then. But in order to access the Recovery Console, you have to choose to boot from the WinXP CD when you boot up your PC and not your OS.

    P.S. - THe recovery console commands are alittle hazy to me, so check the commands for yourself, but I'm relatively right. Just type in "Help" and you'll get options. That I'm sure of!
    It could be the Dell utility partition.   Normally the 30 +- mb  partition is hidden.  It is a partition containg the Dell diagnostics.  It was reported a while ago that installation of any Roxio product, for some reason, unhides the partition and Windows then give it a drive letter.
     How to make the partition hidden. 


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