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NTFS/FAT/FAT32 partition

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NTFS/FAT/FAT32 partition

  • I just noticed in Disk Manager that my Inspiron 600m's HD came pre-partitioned, with a 52GB NTFS partition that is the C: drive. It also has a 47 MB FAT partition (EISA configuration) and a 3.5 GB FAT32 partition. Is this common practice for Dell? I can't access or see what is in these partitions, do they contain system folders or something vital? In the future, should I avoid changing or deleting these partitions?
  • the dell restore partition is on the 3.5Gb partition and the dell diagnostics is on the 47Mb one.
  • These articles from Dan Goodell provide a thorough explanation.

  • Thanks for the info.
  • Yes.  I have notice this as well, on my 600m.

    In fact, I take particular not of it because one of them is a Ghost image.   If you have not made a full backup of your drive yet or tried to created a bootable cd image of the drive, be advised. 

    Acronis 9.0 Trrue Image seems to have an issue with our configuration.  Although, there may be others in this thread with differing opinions, but I not run across one that has our configuration.  Did you get it recently?  Mine in November. 

    I am attempting to get a refund on the Acronis product for non-functionality of the bootable CD.  I don't know, but this failure might have something to do with the Ghost image on the drive.  Additionally the product seems to "tattoo" the registry with uninstallable background programs that grind the disk access to a crawl.  Extensive manual registry editing was all the publisher could offer.  However, a current download of the same build did finally clean everything up. 

    I have been able to make a full backup and span CDs, but not a bootable image of the drive.  Attempted engagement with "tech support"  has come to naught over about 2 weeks, and file after file of config info sent to them for review. 

    I would just offer this up because Dell hasn't been able to give me a clue, nor Acronis, whether what about the configuration is might be at issue.  HW tech ran diags on the CD and it was okay.  I don't think the little software I have installed has anything to do with, so that takes us back to the baseline Dell configuration. 

    In any case, your examining the partitions for one reason or the other.  Eventually you'll come around to thinking "backup" or "disk image".  Trust me ...  As you do, remember my observations, unless you have about 2 solid weeks to possibly mess around being a beta tester for this product, which may or may not do what you expect. 

    Fore warned is fore armed.