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Latitude C610 & Hard Drive replacement

  • Hi,

    I recently purchased a used Latitude c610 on eBay. It comes with a 20GB hard drive. My first instinct is that this is too small. Hard drive replacement physically looks straight forward. Unscrew the retaining screw on the bottom of the drive, slide out the caddy/drive, install the new drive in the old caddy with the adaptor at the end. Is this correct? The million dollar question I have is....

    My laptop did not come with a rescue/restore CD. It came pre-installed with Windows 2000, and that was it. Am I going to need this CD to install Windows XP on a larger drive? Or is it just a matter of putting the XP CD in the cdrom drive, and starting up the laptop, and do an install? I've built all sorts of desktop pcs, but never tinkered with laptops before. I planned on purchasing a 60GB drive, perhaps a 80GB drive. Any suggestions for a drive? I was considering a Seagate or a Hitachi, perhaps a Samsung - as the price seems right.

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  • If you're installing a brand new drive in the system, you should be able to boot to the WinXP CD and it will partition and format the new drive for you and install WinXP.
  • I kinda figured as much. I just wanted to be sure. I have never done this, and I didn't want to run into a problem with the cdrom not booting because there was no driver, etc.
  • The XP CD is self-booting; it installs its own drivers for the CDROM drive.
  • I use an IBM travelstar 60Gb in my C610 and it runs no problem. I cant see why another make of laptop hard drive wouldnt work
  • This may be a stupid question and I'm ok with that. My hard drive is apparently getting holes in it and I'm looking to get a new one. What I'm understanding from what people are saying here is that I can get pretty much any laptop hard drive. Am I misunderstanding this? I just want to make sure I buy something that fits and then the people I'm having fix it for me don't have to worry about that, too. Maybe you could recommend a reasonably priced hard drive that you know would fit?

    Thanks for any advice.
  • Any 2 1/2" hard drive should fit...and you could fit it yourself rather than getting someone else to do it...its 3 screws and a little interface and your done.
  • I also want to replace an existing 20GB  internal hard drive in a C6xx series notebook. However, when I open the hard drive module I see that it is attached to the hard drive door (which you need to unscrew and lift up to pull it out together with the attached disk drive).  I can't find any documentation about how to remove the hard drive door from the disk drive or how to attach it to the new disk drive. Being new to notebooks I obviously am not understanding something basic. Can someone please enlighten me?

    Update: I've just discovered that the disk drive is attached by two screws to a grey plastic item marked with part number 157KE which I assume is the caddy. This caddy is attached to the hard drive door. So I guess I just have to undo these 2 screws and attach the new disk drive when it arrives in a few days. I'd still like to know how to detach this caddy from the hard drive door. Anyone help?

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  • If you get a small screwdriver, and gently push it inbetween the caddy and the door and open it, it should come apart