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Return Code 7

  • I'm having Return Code 7 on two GX270 computers. When I trying ghosting the computers it gets stuck and after running alt+Ctrl+D it give me a Return Code 7. Anyone know what this problem is???
  • This is not Symantec Ghost support forum.

    Error: "(50401) Unknown CD-R error: code 7" or "(50401) CD/DVD error . . . " when saving an image file to a CD-R/CD-RW or DVD

    You started the computer with a Ghost floppy boot disk. Ghost loaded without any problems. When you use Ghost to create an image file and save that file directly to a CDR disc, you see the message "(50401) Unknown CD-R error code 7" or "Application error 50401."

    If you are using Norton Ghost 2003, you may see the following error message, "(50401) CD/DVD error - try a different media brand or type."

    This message indicates an incompatibility between the CD-R, CD-RW, or DVD drive and the CD/DVD disc. Using a different CD/DVD disc brand or a higher quality CD/DVD disc might resolve the problem.

    Other causes and solutions
    Sometimes the drivers for your CDR/RW device may not interact correctly with the DOS system files. Replacing the DOS files on the boot floppy disk might help.

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  • No that is not the case. I know this is not the Symantec Ghost support forum. I'm using Ghost corporate edition. I boot the computer from the CD and get to the ghost screen. I start the session from the server which holds the image I want to load to the Dell GX270 the process gets started the image being dumped from the server to the computers local hard drive across the network at 48% its stops and tell me the session was terminated by the local host. After that I run diagnostics on the local hard drive of the dell and I get a Return Error 7.  So its not a CD problem or a ghost problem. THANKS
  • Return code 7 is one of the error messages from the bios-built-in harddrive test.

    You'll want to call Dell support and they should be able to set up service to replace the drive(s) (drives because you mentioned you have 2 systems with this error).

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  • For anyone that needs an answer to this question I spoke with a Dell Tech and he said return code 7 means bad tracks or sectors.
  • What a coincidence!

    I have just experienced 3 disk failures in a row, just today, after Ghosting the drives via the console, not from CD or DVD. They are all SATA Maxtor 6Y160M0 drives in Optiplex GX280s. Hard drive diagnostics deliver return code 7 failures now. They appeared perfectly healthy before ghosting and had been in constant operation for several months.

    After the 3rd disk failed, I thought it might have been some sort of corruption in the ghost file but I just ran a disk check on one of them from an XP Pro CD and it tells me the drive is corrupted and cannot be repaired.

    I know this is not a Ghost forum but I know lots of people use Ghost on Dell hardware and wonder if anyone else has experienced this and fixed it or is it really just bad disks?

  • heisey its not a ghost problem you do have bad hard drives like I said on my previous post I confirmed the error with a Dell Tech and the drives will have to be sent back to Dell. Just like me I had no problem with the drives before ghosting the system ran fine. It was not until I ghosted the computer that I had the problem.
  • Last night I received the following error: "The primary IDE master hard drive SELF MONITORING SYSTEM has reported that a parameter has exceeded its normal operating range. A parameter out of range may or may not indicate hard drive problems."

    My primary Drive 0 is a IC35L090AVV207-0 which has indeed failed, coincidentally.  This is the original drive that came in my Dell Optiplex GX270; it's an 80-gig drive. I find it interesting that I purchased this Dell Optiplex GX270 in September 2003 and now the primary drive is failing.

    The next step was to run the Dell Diagnostics to find the exact error code. Running this tool is easy by simply clicking the F12 button during bootup and running the tool on the drives. I received a Fail on Drive 0, with Return Code: 7 as a result. After research, discovered this meant the primary drive would fail and that backup was urgent.

    I contacted Dell support for service options.  Fortunately, my computer still falls under warranty.  Dell was super quick to respond by sending a technician out to replace the drive.  My only problem now is reinstalling all the software I had on the primary drive, which will take some time.

    I did consider the SATA drive, but am happy now that my computer has a new working primary drive.  I am also very happy that Dell responded as quickly as they did to resolve the problem.

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