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Hard Drive replacement - Dimension 2300

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Hard Drive replacement - Dimension 2300

  • I end up with alot of people's unwanted stuff. Anyway, my 2300 has a 20gb hard drive and I just got an 80gb hard drive off another pc. I want to know how much of a process it would be to replace the 20 with the 80?

    The 80 is a - Deskstar ATA/IDE Model # - HDS722580VLAT20

    I know there was windows 98 on it and that it had been updated to xp home sp1. My plan is to install the HD, reformat and reinstall windows. I don't have much to keep from the old HD so that's not a problem.

    Can someone point me in the right direction as to how I can replace the old hard drive or if it's even compatible with my system?

    Another question.. If I unplug the old HD would I be able to plug it back in at a later date if something happened to the replacement?
  • vat0r.
    You should be able to install the 80 GB hard drive without a problem, providing that you reinstall XP.  Remember to set the hard drive's jumpers to "Cable Select"
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    Yes, you should be able to reinstall the removed hard drive, back in the D-2300.


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