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No free space available on blank DVD discs

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No free space available on blank DVD discs

  • I have recently purchased a Dell Dimension 3000 fitted with a Sony DVD-ROM DDU 1615 & a Philips DVD +-RW DVD 8631.
    The problem i have is that when i insert a blank DVD disc into either my DVD-ROM drive or my DVD +-RW drive & click on properties, the disc always shows full (no free space). I contacted Dell support & there advice was to update the firmware. I carried out the instructions from Dell support & now my DVD +-RW drive seems to perform better (burned DVD's now play on my Sony home cinema system which they would not do before i updated the firmware), but blank DVD discs still show full (no free space).
    The problem is still on both drives & the discs i am using are Datawrite Classic 8x 4.7GB DVD-R
  • Try a different brand like Memorex or Sony etc.......

  • Hi Seekhelp,

    Just to add with HTT`s, your DVD-ROM drive will not see / recognize blank DVD (writeable) media.
    After the firmware update for the Philips, check that you have DMA enabled; click on the CD/RW link in my post and scroll to Section 15, article 14.

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  • Hi Predator,

    Thanks for your help & advice, I now understand that my DVD-ROM drive does not recognize blank media. Also, I followed your instructions & I can confirm that I have DMA enabled. I am now waiting to try some different media.

    Kind Regards,
  • Hi HTT Good HT Bad,

    Thanks for your help, I am waiting to try a some different brands.


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