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CD Disc went inside My Laptop

  • I went to put a CD disc into the drive of my Inspiron 700M Molokai but I accidentally didn't pop it all the way down the 'circle-thing.'  I tried to push the drive in and the CD slipped into the small slot above the ROM.  I can see it very very slightly but cannot hear it rattling around-it's stuck.  I tried turning the entire laptop upsidown and sideways but it didn't seem to help.  The computer doesn't read anything in the CD/DVD (D:) drive.  I waited for a long time for the Dell online chat but then after a couple minutes of chatting she said she couldn't help me...bummer.  Please help me!
  • Have you tried removing the CD drive?  There should be a tab on the lower-right side of the drive and when you push it in, it will then pop out and allow you to remove the drive.  Make sure the laptop is turned off when you do this or Windows might get upset.

  • Thanks Short_Bus.  I removed the drive and was able to easily pull the CD out.  Yay!!!
  • Sweet!!  Glad it worked.