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Hard Drive 0 and 1 Not Found Select F1 to Continue

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Hard Drive 0 and 1 Not Found Select F1 to Continue

  • Would someone please tell me why I keep getting the above message on booting up?  "Hard Drive 0 and 1 Not Found Select F1 to Continue".  After selecting F1 I am able to boot on my Dimension 8200 on a Windows Server 2003 O/s.
  • Run the Dell diagnostics. It could be a sign of impending drive failure - or just a dying CMOS battery.
  • Did you recently add a hard drive?
  • Yes, I just installed a 2nd Hard Drive.  Plz Excuse the Correction.  The actual error message is "Secondary Hard Drive 0 and Secondary Hard Drive 1 Not Found"  I think ts not finding the Cdrom & Dvd on 1st boot but then when you hit F1 it finds it upon booting up into Win Server 2003.
  • Try this, it resets the nvram without clearing the cmos, I have also found on Dell systems to set "fast boot" to "no" when you have multiple drives.
    1. Restart your computer.
    2. At the first text on the screen or at the Dell logo, press the key every three seconds until the message Entering Setup appears. The System Setup screen appears.
    3. Press the key, the key, and the key to light up all three lights on the keyboard.
    4. Press the and keys at the same time.
    5. NOTE:The system will emit a beep tone to indicate that NVRAM has been cleared.
      1. Press the key, and then press the key to save the changes and reboot the system.

      Proceed with the installation or troubleshooting that you were attempting.

      If you do not hear a beep on altE   try altF 

  • Dell bios's DO NOT have "auto escd" like most motherboars do. So anytime you add new hardware (especially non-dell hardware) you have to force the bios to re-detect the new hardware by clearing NVRAM. With auto escd (a nice feature) it does this every time you re-boot.

    Thanks DELL for this not so nifty feature.

    This forces you to call DELL for support and pay big bucks if your out of warrany, just plain stupid if you ask me.

  • Mombodog,

    Your statement is incorrect, we have worked with hundreds of Dell`s, installing Hard drives, Optical drives, floppy`s and Clearing the NVRAM is not necessary everytime, in truth it is rare.


  • It must be a recent problem, I have to do this every time I added hardware (HDD, optical) to my dell d8400. There are numerous postings on this forum on this very problem when adding hardware on newer Dimension desktops. Sorry If I implied it was on all dell products. I still stand by my suggestion of having auto escd in my dell bios..
  • Mombodog,

    Whether you stand by your original statement or not is irrelevant. The big issue most of the time is that Dell defaults the second drive to off in BIOS. I am not aware of those numerous post but will search tomorrow when I get to work, thanks for the information.


    Check your jumper setting for the second drive, Dell uses Cable Select and enter the BIOS to confirm the device is turned on.



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  • Rouge,

    If the drive is turned off in the bios, you will not get the error. Drive 0 and 1 not found.

    If you get this error message it means it is turned on but the bios has not identified it,

    you reset nvram so the bios will querry the harddrive to identify it.

    I have had to do this on 3 D8400's purchased by me and others recently, so mabe this is a problem

    only with newer 8400's or possible the A06 bios, which I have read several complaints about on this forum.

    Opinions are relavent if Dell wishes to maintain custome satisfaction and fix bugs or problems

    Just trying to help.

  • Mombodog,

     Again your information is incorrect, you can get the error message and will. You have seen it on 3, we have on hundreds so I see no reason to continue this debate with you.

    We will at least agree to disagree.


  • Ted,

    I apologize for Rougue, I was just trying to help you and all rouge has posted is how wrong I am, and few suggestions for your problem. I hope you get your problem solved. If not just start a new post and maybe someone else can help.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, Mombodog.

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  • Thanks! I will try all the suggestions and will get back to you shortly.  I just hope its not a hard drive impending failure issue.