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error code 1000-0142

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error code 1000-0142

  • I know my hd just went out but I was wondering if anyone knew what this fail code is.
    I ran the dell troubleshooting disk and the following came up
    ERROR CODE 1000-0142
  • Hard drive has bad sectors - needs to be replaced.
  • Yep, thought so.  I'm already looking!


    Thanks for the reply's!!!

  • i have same prob is there a way and how to disable it till i can afford to buy a new one ty for help
  • Before your replace your hard drive when getting this error, try this- Boot from a Windows XP CD and choose Repair at the first prompt to get the recovery console. Type "chkdsk c: /p/r" at the prompt. Repeat until there are no errors found. Exit and reboot. It worked for me.
  • I failed to boot from CD as well


    It reads: Error loading operating system.


    It tried to connect my SATA hard disk externally to a PC, it reads Malfunction and failed to install the harddisk.


    any help? i didnt back up my docs

  • Mondoswank,


    Dude, you rock.  That worked for me also.

  • Ah thanks your solution really worked quite well. Can u also help in bypassing the admin password: I used the "administrator" is not working. I logged in using a guest then open C:/WINNT/CONFIG/SAM I tried to delete the SAM file. It cannot be deleted I tried to go to User Account from that window only the Guest account does appear. Since I could have tried to reset it from that. OS is Windows XP (TM)
  • Hello,



       Bypassing the administrator password will not work in windows xp rather i know how to bypass it in vista or win7. According to me the administrator password in win xp cannot be bypassed. Can u please make me clear the administrator account which u r taking abt has it been listed when u boot the comp in safe mode option. If u needed files to be backed up from the os drive it's simple it can solved by doing a parallel installation with the os disk.

  • Fantastic. I ran the checkdisk twice and the problem was solved. Thanks!

  • Hi...having the same problem. Ran check once and still having the problem...running it again; hoping for a miracle. If it doesn't work, how do I get my data off the hard drive before replacing it?
  • Remove the hard drive, mount it in an external case, and attach it by USB to a working system.  Copy what you can still read before you replace the drive.

  • Thank you much!  Just ordered the case!

  • hi-it worked for me-

    thank you my friend.

    chkdsk c: /p/r  rocks

    please give me your email address ur great and wise


  • Chkdsk will fix the issue temporarily - suggest you to backup the data ASAP and call dell tech support for hard drive replacement provided you have warranty.

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