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Operating System Not Found - Inspiron 2650

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Operating System Not Found - Inspiron 2650

  • Hi!
    I am getting "Operating System Not Found" message on my Inspiron 2650. When I boot it tries to read the hard drive (light comes up) then a message initialize MBA and finally OS not found.
    On the BIOS it shows the hard drive - which makes me belive the hard drive probably is OK. Booted with the Diagnostics disk and ran the diagnostics everything PASSes the test except for the hard drive (IDE 0) where it says test fail. Now - not sure if it is because the hard drive is bad or something else.
    I was able to go to C: after booting using the diagnostic CD. When I do DIR on C: it simply shows COMMAND.COM.
    Not sure if I have to replace the hard drive or just have to reinstall the XP? Any help or advice on ways to find out for sure if it is a case of bad hard drive or just some virs attack that wiped off my hard drive?
  • Brij,
    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.
    Your results seem somewhat unusual, but I think that the best course is to try and reinstall the Operating System.  If that fails, then you may need to replace the hard drive.
  • Thanx for the quick response.. I guess - I will try and reinstall the OS over the weekend...

    I do have the CD which came with the laptop - hopefully that will work. Never done this before - are there any options I need to know or be aware of when answering questions that the install may ask?




  • Boot the Dell diagnostics CD and run a full hard drive and memory test first. No sense wasting the time reinstalling the operating system if the hardware is faulty.

    Reinstall instructions are above, under Product Support, Reinstall Guides.