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Precision 370 with SATA drive and Windows XP install

  • I am trying to reinstall Windows XP Pro to a recently purchased 370 with a single 80GB SATA drive.  When I boot with the included OS CD I press Enter to install a new copy and then get a message telling me that the hard disk cannot be found.  Anyone know a way around this?
  • What I found so far is that the BIOS provides 4 possible settings for the disk interface:

    • RAID Autodetect / AHCI
    • RAID Autodetect / ATA
    • RAID On
    • Combination

    The BIOS defaults to the first (AHCI) and when booting from a Windows Pro XP install CD the hard disk cannot be found however booting with a DOS boot disk (ala Ghost Boot Disk) I can see the hard disk.  If I switch to ATA then the Windows XP install CD (and DOS disk) can now see the hard disk.

    I don't know much of anything about AHCI and would expect any problems with a new specification to be found in DOS land, not Windows XP.  Can anyone elabaorate?