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Hard Drive making loud noise

  • I just recently purchased a refurbished Latitude C600, and everything seems to be working great, except that the hard drive makes a constant, loud buzzing noise.  I figured out that it was the hard drive because when I removed it, the computer did not make any noise.  The noise starts as soon as the machine is turned on, and it is constant (it does not change in pitch or anything).  Any help on what could be the problem, what I can do (trying to avoid having to purchase a new hard drive), or any advice on the situation would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

  • I would suggest running Dell's diagnostics on your hard drive to see if it is going. 


  • Sorry for the ignorance, but how do I go about running the Dell Diagnostics?
  • If you still have your utilities/driver CD that came with your notebook, just boot from it and the diagnostic program will start automatically.  To boot from the CD, hit the key <F12> repeatedly when you see the Dell BIOS splash screen.

    If you no longer have that CD, you can download a floppy disk version of the diagnostics.  The downloaded file will create 4 floppy disk (I believe) that you can boot from to run the diagnostics.  HERE is the link for you.

    If you have a CDR drive, then you can go to my web site My Site and download a ISO image file that you can use to burn to a CDR disk.  It too is a bootable CD.