Dvd movies will not play

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Dvd movies will not play

  • The Fbi message and the first part play, but when the actual movie starts all I get is a blank screen and garbled sound. The DVD is a Hitachi G5000 8x
    on a XPS 500 with a diamond v770d.
    DMA is enabled
    I updated the aspi layer
    I tried to update the firmware on the DVD but the software didn't recognize the DVD drive.


  • I have gone through all the troubleshooting files and whatever I've seen on this forum to try and get this DVD to play a movie, with the same result every time. The problem is similar to the one which the adaptec aspi patch is supposed to fix but the results are the same every time. I have shut down all backround programs, downloaded directX 7, checked parental level etc. The system is an XPS t500 with a GD 5000 Hitachi DVD, cinemaster c3.0 and diamond viper 770d video card.
  • Have you tried multiple DVDs? If so, what DVDs have you tried? If you've only tried one DVD, try obtaining a different title from a different distributor, and try to play the movie again.

  • There are some titles that just won't play on a computer I think unless you install the recommended PC player that is on the Movie DVD.

    And I never got 'Gladiator' to play at all on my new PC. It just hangs and will never start with numerous different players. You can't even see the disk in explorer. It must be some kind of copy protection. That is their right but as often happens the people that buy the disc are hurt ...while the pirates probably were able to make copies of it years ago.....
  • katwomansz:

    It's good that you're using the search feature, but responding to a six-yr-old thread may be of limited usefulness. You may want to start a new thread asking why your decoder is not working properly.