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LG DVD-Rom Not reading/recognizing any discs.... Please Help

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LG DVD-Rom Not reading/recognizing any discs.... Please Help

  • I have a Dell Latitude CPx... when i got the system, it came with Windows 98 and a cd drive... I updated the original cd drive to a LG  Dvd-rom  (No. DRN8080b)... For a while it was working fine... Then I upgraded the operating system to Windows XP... Now the drive will not work... System Diagnostics says that the drive is functioning properly, however, when I place a cd or dvd (doesnt matter which) the drive spins the disc and sounds as though it is reading it, however, it never does...  When you  go to my computer and try to explore the disc files  it states that you need to insert a disc into the drive...  I  have tried multiple cds and dvds so i have determined it is the drive...  I have tried upgrading the firmware, however, the auto updating program from the firmware download will not find the drive although everything else in the operating  system points to the drive being there and existing,  the firmware  upgrade program states it can not locate the drive and to insert the drive to proceed... Can anyone help me?  any  assistance is greatly appreciated as i am at my wits end with this issue


    Again  System Specs:

    System: Dell Latitude CPx

    Dvd-Rom drive :  LG  DRN8080B

    Operating System: Windows XP Professional

  • Weird... I'm having exactly the same problem.  Only, I have had Windows XP for a while, and all of a sudden my Dell Latitude C600 DVD-ROM no longer recognizes ANY cds or dvds.  When I insert a CD into the drive, you can hear it trying to recognize the CD (trying to spin up to full speed, but never getting there...), and when you try to explore it from "My Computer", the OS tells you to please insert a CD into drive D...

    Any guesses?  Has the drive simply gone bad?

    Thanks for any leads-


  • I'm having the same problem what was the solution?
  • i have the same problem. ive had my comp for about 9 months. first the dell jukebox woiuldnt read cds, then i got the standard upgrade and it worked fine. now the computer wont read any discs, i tried a bunch of cds and none of them work, on any program. i went into my computer, where it shows u if there is a disc in there, and it shows nothing. someone please help... my career relies on this! u can see this is becoming a common problem... HELP!!!
  • Hi all.

    I've got the same problem on my Toshiba Sattelite. I tried everything, but to no avail. Did all of you try uninstalling the drive and rebooting to have Windows reinstall the drive? (only do this if you are running xp or if you have the drivers for your drive.)

    Good luck all!

  • I've tried lots of things, including updating the firmware for this drive (search the forum for how to do that...), deleting the driver and letting Windows XP re-recognize it upon startup.  Sometimes, the drive will suddenly work, but most often it fails to recognize that a CD has been inserted...  I just haven't gotten around to buying a replacement on eBay yet.

    Maybe if enough people post --someone will come up with a solution.

  • I have the exact same problem with my Toshiba DVD drive. This must have something to do with Windows, because the drive actually works with bootable disks. So those of you thinking about a replacement should consider that this could indeed be a software, not hardware related problem...
  •  I am also having a similar problem..I have a dell dim2400. I am trying to back up my hard drive and all of sudden...it will not read my blank disks. It comes up with a error message saying E:/ is not accessible. It read all of my other disks..pre printed but no new disks. It also reads old back up cd's. just not the new ones i bought today...can't find a place to format them or anything. I have to back this up as it is a rental computer and am taking it back tomorrow...the only other way i can do it is by backing up to 1116 floppies..no can do..LOL any clues? anyone?


  • I don't know if this will help you, but I finally figured out where my problem was. It was the IDE driver of the chipset driver bundle. I used the system restore to go back to when I hadn't installed the new driver and then reinstalled the chipset drivers without the IDE part. The PC is now running like a charm, no problems. So if you installed a new chipset driver recently, that may be the problem. Another thing could be that the blank CDs you bought are not compatible with your burner. This may sound odd, but you should try another brand. I've had bad experiences with TDK CD-Rs and a Philips burner, it won't work at all; all other brands work though.