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hard drive..."outside parameters"?

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hard drive..."outside parameters"?

  • hi folks,

    I was downloading latest anti-virus updates from norton - computer (purchased 8/01) froze then upon restarting I get message that the "dell disk manager" found my hard drive to be "outside parameters" - clicking "continue" it wouldn't boot up saying it couldn't find the registry file. I'd been having some registry probs before but upon seeing this I called tech (india) - they said I needed a new hard dirve and as it was under warranty, they'd send something and someone out. this was 2 days ago so nothing has yet happened. I've turned everything on & off a few times and nothing gets me farther than what I've described...if I just reformatted, does anyone think everything would still work? is it just the registry settings that are messed up? or did my hard drive really crash and full replacement is necessary? help!


  • Don't know if it helps, but when my drive would'nt work the engineer got me to undo the computer and disconnect the leads to the hard drive then put them back again. Don't know how techno you are, but I am not and it was quite straightforward. Turn Power off though ! This worked, but I cannot turn my computer off because it won't boot up. Dell are sending me a new drive, but say be patient. That was 5 days ago.
  • PonJuicer.

    It reads like your hard drive has had a catastrophic failure and replacing it is the only answer.  You could check with Dell Tech, Support about the replacement date and procedures.

    Good Luck.





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  • It sounds like you are having a S.M.A.R.T. error.  If this is true, the drive is toast.  See the link:

    If you called tech support, they should have given you a reference number of the dispatch.  They had me call 1-800-433-9014 to check status of a parts order (It is a friendly computer) If that doesn't give you an answer on your service, call tech support again & find out why the delay.  (Service calls are performed 8 to 5 Monday thru Friday)


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