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"Primary Drive 0 not found" on Dimension 2400

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"Primary Drive 0 not found" on Dimension 2400

  • Just after one week of owning my dell dimension 2400 i turned it on, the hard drive makes a strange scratching noise and an error message on the screen says "Primary Drive 0 not found", i went to the setup utility to look at the boot sequence and it says that THE HARD DRIVE IS NOT INSTALLED!, i've tried running all of the dell diagnostics and it passed all the tests, what do i do now,

    all help appreciated,
  • Hi

    If you are happy with doing so then it is worth taking the top off and making certain that the hard drive cable(s) are properly located onto the motherboard and back of the hard disk. Take anti static precautions when working inside the machine.

    If this changes nothing and assuming you are within your 30 day return period,  I would send it back. Problems within the first week do not bode well for the future.


  • thanks for he tip, allready did take the cover off and everything seemed OK
  • Hi,

    Did you actually remove each IDE cable at each end and then replace carefully to avoid the risk of bent pins.

    The cables can easily look as if they are on correctly, when they are just a very small amount out of alignement. Only by taking the cable off and gently replacing it can you be certain it is on properly.

    If you have another machine, it is worth trying another IDE ribbon cable that is known to be working. I have come across cables once or twice which show no sign of any damage, but do not work. Once replaced with a new cable, the drive & computer were fine.A new IDE cable is often the best solution. I tend to keep a standard IDE cable as a spare to check any machine that has similar problems.

    Is the drive detected in BIOS on boot, if not go into BIOS and check that the IDE channel is set to Auto.

    If the drive is noisy you could run a Dell diagnostic on it.

    I would however still repeat my view that shou should send it back. The hard drive may have not travelled well. Noisy hard drives are almost always a sign of trouble somewhere.

    You should also call Dell and inform them that the machine has problems.


  • Check the jumper settings ie CS(cable select) or MA or SL and also check the IDE connectors.Also try the the 90/90 diagnostic test by pressing ctrl+alt+del when you see the bios logo at startup


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