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Samsung CDRW/DVD SN 324b - Can't burn cdr's correctly

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Samsung CDRW/DVD SN 324b - Can't burn cdr's correctly

  • Finally I was able to burn cue's using Alcohol 120% (it's a program, I am not kidding Using the following write options:

    Write Method:  RAW SAO + SUB

    Enable buffer underrun technology  (checked)

    Rectify Sub-Channel Data (checked)

    This is Ok for me while I wait for Nero to release a compatible version (yes the 15a doesn't work).



  • My Inspiron 8100 has a Samsung 308b but the same problems described here.  On the Samsung site there is a 101 driver (DOM).  DOM means domestic, not for products that are supported by the reseller, in our case DELL.

    Installation of the 101 fails because it does not want to see the DEL code my device sends when checked.  Is there a workaround to install the generic driver in a Dell. 

    What I read hear sounds as if some of you can do it.  Perhaps the equipment check is not there for your model


  • Hi @all, since two weeks I am a proud owner of a 8200 Notebook. I also have the Samsung Combo-.Drive inside and as well the problems with burning.

    I tried to install the Intel Application Accelerator 223 & updated Nero to and now I am able to burn single/multi - session. I was only able to copy or burn a image file before. But the quality of the burnd disc is really not great.

    I had before a slower 8200 with a Hitachi/Goldstar Drive and this was burning really well.

    Now I have my personal solution until Dell or Samsung do something! I saw that LiteOn has a Slim Combo Drive named LSC-24081M. Specs : 24x/12x/24x/8x. This sound really good for me (as the same as Samsung).

    Now I am e really lucky guy with a superb Notebook and a fantastic burner ;-) (the only problem is the front plate of the drive. maybe will Dell think about using these drives in the future)



    P.S. the drive costed me about CHF 300.-- which is about 200 bucks in $ / and here the Link if you wanna know more :

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  • Hello peoples...

    Yet ANOTHER one with similar problems.

    I just cannot get the drive to finish a write - the drive feels it should power down half way - ‘instant’ write failure.

    I have tried and failed with the following: Roxio CD Creator 5.2, Windows XP native CR writing, and Nero

    Here is an interesting thought, something I've come across myself but haven't found in the MANY postings I’ve so far read...

    When I do a simulation at 24X, the simulation works and passes at 24X speed - approx 3min for a 74min CD.... BUT!

    When I do a write, the SN 324B TRIES to start off at 24X but then slows down to 8X - I guess it's the SLOWING DOWN that's killing the write process.

    I too have noticed the drive gets VERY hot and the CDs that come out are very very warm indeed, I used some S0NY CDRs – while trying to burn to them, I noticed a ‘burning plastic’ smell.

    Is it possible that the high temp is causing the CR write failures to occur? – possible the high temp is interfering in the laser-chem reaction. I'm clutching at straws with this line of though...

    I've upgraded to U101 from Samsung, have not been able to find U101 from Dell's website.

    I guess we all should try to barrage DELL together in one massive hit; we should also collate all the possible issues too. This is becoming ridiculous!!!!
  • Thank you Gilgamesh!

    Your settings for Alcohol 120% solved this problem for me as well. I haven't been able to get anything else to work properly. Since Alcolol seems like a good package, I think I'll just stick with it.

    Thanks again...
  • Thanks Red-Man ... for everyone else for downloads ... Dell is evaluating these internal combos now ...
  • Just wanna let you know guys. Updated Firmware of the Samsung burner to U103 and installed Nero Now I burnd about 13 CDR and not having any problems till now. I hope this is the solution. I only was not able to burn @24x, but I was doing other things in the background, so I think it is not a fault from the drive and I never tried again to burn at this speed.



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  • red-man, where did you download U103 firmware from? i can't find it at the samsung site.

    This is for a 324B right?

  • try here :
  • hi,

    the above link doesnt work does anyone have it, who can mail me it please my email is


  • as you read there, direct linking is not allowed anymore. go and use the search function on the home page. you find at all firmware for all drives. just search yours




  • hi,

    i cant seem to find it there even the link is totally dead. even if i use the correct link via the hompage.

    i cant find it anywhere, can someone help me out.

  • tsts ....

    I don't believe you, but cause I am in a good mood right now here is the link to te section :

    Next time open up your eyes ;)


  • hi mate,

    thank you lots and lots. i found it but the link wasent working some time ago, and thats not a lie. ive been trying to get to that link for ages. i did find something but i dont think it was that.


    anyway i must say thank you lots and lots.

    sorry to be pain mate.