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My Hard disk drive (C) is full and can't save to my local disk drive (D)...HELP!!!

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My Hard disk drive (C) is full and can't save to my local disk drive (D)...HELP!!!

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I cannot save anything else to my computer and I feel as if I barely have anything saved on here to begin with. My (C) drive is almost full and my local disk drive (D) has so much space on it, but I do not know how to make that my default drive. I've tried following people's suggestions online but nothing is helping. Can anyone help?

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  • Hi Heather,

    I want you to do two things. First, please tell me the model and operating system of your Dell.

    Second, I want you to grab a screen shot of your drives and post it here so I can see what's going on. Open My Computer or Computer. Hit the print screen key. Open Paint. Type Ctrl-v to paste the image. Click the Select button at the top of paint and click and drag a rectangle around your C and D drives. Click the crop button, then save the image as a JPEG file to your desktop.

    Below the reply window under my message is a link "Use rich formatting". Click that to open up the fancy reply window. Then click the insert image icon and add your picture to your message. It'll look like this (except you'll have two local drive letters instead of a network drive like I have):

  • I have a Dell Inspiron with Intel Core i3 and windows 7. Does this answer what you need? Or do you need a model number? 

  • The first thing to do is run the disk cleanup utility. Instructions here.

    Second, try moving some folders and files. There are a few different folders you can move from the C drive to the D drive. So let me suggest you start by moving your documents, music, pictures and video folders from C to D. Here are the instructions. You need to do one at a time. To find them, in Explorer, expand the C drive, the find your name under Users, and all of your personal folders are there.

    After you do those two things, tell me how much free space you've got on C.

  •  I moved all four of what you suggested (and the only ones I think it would let me move).It freed up some space, but not as much as I thought it would. You did help me some though! Any other suggestions as to what is taking up most of my C drive?

  • Things should be workable now. Two more tips.

    1. You might check your downloads folder for any unnecessary items and delete them.

    2. Long term, I would consider changing the location of your larger applications. Unfortunately, the only way to do this is to uninstall them and then reinstall to the D drive. You can't just move the folders. MS Office is a big space hog.

  • Thank you so much! this definitely did help. I will look into changing the location of some of my other files by uninstalling them and reinstalling them. thanks again!

  • Glad to help!

  • I have a Studio 1569 Windows 7 with 64bit Operating system.

    Is it possible to just put the Downloads folder in the D:/ instead of uninstalling and reinstalling those programs that took forever to install? Would hate to have to do that all over again. :( Also how about the links folder and the favorites. I noticed all the websites I saved under favorites are in that folder. Would deleting that folder delete all my favorite sites or should/ can I just put that in the D drive? Btw Thanks for the info...I was able to free some space in my C; that is full like the person that posted this question I had my D: is almost completely empty and I would like to make use of it. I was starting to think that was it  and possibly having to buy another laptop and they are definitely not cheap, we are currently happy with this one wouldn't want to do un necessary expenses.

  • Hi Mimis,

    The downloads folder and your documents, pictures, music, and video folders can all be moved to your empty D drive. Normally, I would suggest you simply delete the contents of the downloads folder, since anything you need can be downloaded again.

    Anything saved to favorites is usually just a URL, which is a tiny file. So moving favorites won't help your space situation.

  • You can also use some partition resizing program freeware (Such as Easeus Partition Master) to add enough free space to C drive from D drive when C drive is full again.

  • my local disk c is full  i want shift all data to local disk E what should i do ?

  • Hi Sohan87,

    See if this helps: How to move libraries to another disk or partition

    Good luck!

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    Dell Inspiron 5520

    Processor Intel R Core TM i5 3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz 

    RAM 8GB

    System type 64 bit OS