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Dell Diagnostics linear read test 2 - blue screen

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Dell Diagnostics linear read test 2 - blue screen

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have a Dell Studio 1737 laptop with a WDC WD3200BEVT hard drive. 
I have had a number of blue screen crashes recently.  While running the online Dell  PC Diagnostics, twice it crashed to a blue
screen while running the Linear read test-2 portion of the diagnostics.   Do you have any suggestions of what problem
this may indicate?

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  • Hi sharteker,

    Testing the hard drive while running an application is really not the best way to do this. I'm going to suggest you test the drive using the Dell diagnostics. To test your hard drive using your Dell Drivers and Utilities disc:

    1. Reboot your system. When you see the Dell logo, hit F12 to enter the boot menu.

    2. Insert the Dell Drivers and Utilities disc in your CD/DVD drive.

    3. Pick the option to boot from the CD/DVD drive.

    4. You will be prompted to hit any key to continue booting from the CD/DVD drive.

    5. You will be prompted to hit 1 to run the Dell diagnostics. You may see two such menus.

    6. Select Test System.

    7. Select Custom Test.

    7. Use the arrow keys or mouse to select your hard drive.

    9. Click Run Tests.

    10. Write down any error messages.

  • Thank you for your reply.

    We were able to follow all of the steps until step 7.  Then there was no hard drive on the device list to select.  We ran the process multiple times, but never found a hard drive on the list of devices.

    We ran the test all devices option, and got one failure -

    LCD Panel

    - LCD ALS sensor tesc

      error code 5300: 1028

      msg bios - get inverter type interface failed

    Is there a reason you know of that we could not see the hard drive on the device listing?  

    We have a  - WD3200BEVT - 75ZCT2 ata device

    Thanks for all your help.


  • Hi Steve,

    I'm afraid that indicates it's time for a new hard drive. Your Studio 1737 takes a standard SATA 2.5" hard drive. The replacement procedure is here (fairly easy). If you do not already have one, you'll need to order a Windows reinstallation disc from this page. Then for the reinstallation, you can follow Natakuc's clean reinstall guide (link below).

    Now as for your inverter board, I'm not sure what to say. Are you having any trouble with the screen going blank while running the laptop? If so, then I would replace it, but otherwise, I'd ignore the error until such time as it begins to act up. The inverter board is a small part inside the display panel that provides current to the display. It is a replaceable part, and you can call Dell for a new one. For most models, it's not expensive. Here's the replacement procedure. Most laptops do not require you to remove the entire display to replace this thing. Just the bezel.