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XPS 8500 Disk Image Backup

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XPS 8500 Disk Image Backup

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I have a new XPS 8500.  I have not loaded anything on it and would like to backup the hard drive; Dell hidden partition, recovery partition and OS partition.  An image would be great.  What software can I use that will do thiis and make me a set of DVDs and allow me to restore a new hard disk to factory configuration?

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  • Hi KMS504,

    Every new Dell system is shipped with an option of PC restore through which a user can take the system back to its factory settings at any time, in case of operating system corruption. Below are the steps:

    Note: Please backup all your data as you will lose everything saved on your system. This includes all your pictures, music, documents etc.

    1. Restart your system and keep tapping "F8" from the keyboard as soon as the Dell logo appears.
    2. Select "Repair your Computer".
    3. Select "Dell Data Safe Restore and Emergency Backup" on "Choose a Recover Tool Window".
    4. Select "Select other System Backup and more options".
    5. Select "Restore my computer".
    6. Confirm the restore and continue.
    7. Select "Factory Image restore".

    Follow the onscreen instructions and enter any information required by the setup.

    However, if you still want to create an image of the system on disks, you can use Dell Data Safe Local Bakcup software to create a system image.

    Note: You can only take a backup of the current image of the system.

    1. Click on Start and click on 'All Programs'.
    2. Click on 'Delll Data safe Local Backup'.

    Choose 'Create Recovery Media.


    Select 'Create System Recovery Disks' to continue.

    Insert a DVD(Insert blank recordable media).

    Upon initiating this process, it is important to have uninterruptible power supply.
    Recordable media required for this process is either a DVD or Blu-ray disc. CD or DVR -RW are not allowed.

    Validating page appears and displays the type and number of media required for the backup process. Click 'Next' button to continue.

    Display on process and progress of backup.

    Time to complete the process may vary depending on system speed and specification.

    Confirmation page appears to inform the process is complete. Click on 'Finish' button to return to main page.

     Please reply for any further questions.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Vikram M
    To know more about Dell’s products, services and drivers & downloads, please go to 

  • You can also use the built in windows utility to make a complete system image including the factory recovery partition by using Backup & Restore. Of course you  need to store the image on an external hard drive. Type Backup in the win 7 Start box to access it.

  • You should image the system partition regularly. Some "standard" imaging programs you could consider are: Paragon Hard Disk Manager, Macrium Reflect, Terabyte programs, Shadow Protect. Don´t touch Acronis. Select one and get to know it. You will need an external USB disk to storage the images.    

  • This does not work with new XPS 8500 with WIN 8 installed. Pressing [F8] does not work. NEED HELP, my brand new PC can not boot again after a simple Restart, (No new software installed)

  • Hi Jorge,

    This thread pertains to Windows 7. You need information about the Windows 8 Dell Backup and Recovery.

    Just a suggestion to search the forums before posting. Thanks.

  • Thanks OSPREY, no additional information there, My PC just can  no boot i have no access to win 8, this meaning I can´t do anything with it right now.

    I have no USB or DVD recovery, I know the hidden HD partitions are intact, but can´t get access to them.

    the [F8] procedure, should work but it is not present.

    WIn 7 or Win 8, I did not make a recovery disk since I just used it for 6 hours most of it trying to figure out what is this win 8 thing.

    As a matter of fact, Dell Support is sending me the media for win 8, they told me I have to make a fresh install of Win 8.

    I think they are wrong, any way I have no choice.

    By the way, this is the tread I read on Sunday, it did not work for me since I have no (any, 7 or 8) WIN DVD from Dell.


  • Wow, that's a shame. I'm wondering if there is a bigger problem involved. I would not try anything with the Windows 8 disc before running the Dell diagnostics on your hard drive from the Dell drivers and utilities disc.

  • Thanks again.

    NO there is no hardware related problem I ran diagnostics from the eprom, found nothing.

    I know for sure that the file structure on disk C: was corrupted and I also know why, (unfinished (interrupted) file copies form old PC using network (the PC hibernated without any control, after awake I had to cancel unfinised work, (it was no easy to close the windows) after that I just tried to restart or reboot. (using the usual procedure, with mouse clicks)

    Now I can boot from USB, CD or DVD, the PC is working, Win 8 don't.

    As soon as I have the media i will reinstall windows, make my emergency recovery media, and then I will install win7 (nice "upgrade") I trust it, and I am familiar with it.

    May be, I'll try to return to WIN8 next summer.

    All my personal files and software (install media included) is safe in my old PC and in my backup NAS.

    But, there is not an ISO image emergency disk that i can copy to a bootable USB and repair the boot sequence in c: with out installing?

    There is no SAFE MODE boot in win 8?

    I know for sure that is MS the ones to blame, but DELL support is not yet ready to deal with it, even they are selling PSs with this OS for a few months.

    My idea was to have a band new, more powerful, PC by year end, maybe I can have it on time.

  • By the way, I think the WIN8 setup will FORMAT the C: (OS) partition without touching the other hidden partitions in the HD, this meaning that I am assuming that after reinstall (and also reinstall of DELL utilities from the other DVD) I will be able to follow the procedure indicated in the other tread (WIN 8 related) and make my recovery disks.

    Either from C: itself or from the hidden partition.


  • Since you do not have a hardware issue, my suggestion would be to post further questions in the Microsoft OS forum.

    Good luck!

  • Ok, here again, I have been  successful in recovering the PC. now is working OK the only thing not solved is I that can not find anywhere the "Windows 8 Dell Backup and Restore" program for download. I found it but just for windows vista o win 7.

    Does any body know where I can Find it?

    Note: it is not present in the "drives and applications CD "or in the downloads specific to my service tag (I have downloaded and installed all of them)