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CD/DVD Drive does not recognise disks.

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CD/DVD Drive does not recognise disks.

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Hi, we got a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop just over a year ago. In the beginning, we could play CDs and DVDs without a problem when it suddenly stopped working.

Since, we are able to put in a disk to which the drive will flash and sound like its working but nothing will come up. When we go into 'Computer' and double click on the 'DVD RW Drive' a window appears directing us to insert a disk into the drive when there is already one in there.

Please help!!



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  • Dear Sioned,

    Welcome to the community,

    We can certainly help you in resolving the DVD drive issue. All you need to do is, just follow few simple steps that are listed below……

    Please visit the following link to fix problems with CD or DVD drives that can’t read or write media:

    Once you are on the above link, click on the Run Now button and follow the on-screen instructions.

    In case it does not resolve the issue, most likely the cause is two Windows registry entries that have become corrupted. To fix the problem, you have to use Registry Editor to delete the corrupted Registry entries. To use this method, you must be logged on to Windows as an administrator.

    You can delete the corrupted entry by following the steps below:

    Click Start, and then click All Programs.

    Click Accessories, and then click Run.

    Type regedit, and then click OK. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Allow.

    In the navigation pane, locate and then click the following registry subkey:


    In the right pane, click UpperFilters.

    Note You may also see an UpperFilters.bak registry entry. You do not have to remove that entry. Click UpperFilters only. If you do not see the UpperFilters registry entry, you still might have to remove the LowerFilters registry entry.

    On the Edit menu, click Delete.

    When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click Yes.

    In the right pane, click LowerFilters.

    On the Edit menu, click Delete.

    When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click Yes.

    Exit Registry Editor.

    Restart the computer.

    If the DVD Drive is still not able to read any disk, you might need to replace the DVD Drive.

    Please let us know, if the above steps were able to resolve the issue, in case not then we would check the system warranty & help you further…



    Mudit P

    Dell | Social Media Outreach | Global Social Media & Community

  • Thank you so much for your help. Unfortunately, neither of the solutions you gave me fixed the problem.

    I appreciate your assistance


  • Dear Sioned,

    Thank you for your reply.

    As per the information you have provided, it seems that there is a problem with DVD Drive Hardware and it might need to be replaced.

    However, let us try one more step by updating the DVD Drive Firmware.

    Please perform the following troubleshooting steps:

    Open Device Manager by using the Windows interface-
    Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
    Click Hardware and Sound.
    Click Device Manager. One of the following occurs:
    If you are logged on as the built-in Administrator account, Device Manager opens.
    If you are logged on as a user that is a member of the Administrators group, then the User Account Control dialog box appears, and you must click Continue to open Device Manager.

    On the Device Manager Window, select DVD/CD-ROM Drives and send me the exact model of the DVD Drive along with your Dell System Model (Please do not provide the system service tag)

    Once I have the System and DVD Drive Model, I will send you the link to update the DVD Drive firmware as it may resolve the issue with the hardware functionality.


    Mudit P

    Dell | Social Media Outreach | Global Social Media & Community

  • Thanks for replying and helping me on this!

    The model of the DVD Drive is HL-DT-ST-DVD+-RW GT32N.

    The model of the laptop is Dell Inspiron 1545.

    I do hope this helps and a solution can be found to this problem.


  • Hi,

     I was loading some DVDs & viewing them.

     Next I tried to copy one of my DVDs containing my video with my son. 

     Roxio read this disc & asked me to insert a blank disc.

    I inserted a blank DVD Disc & it started writing... then threw an error.

    It didnt prompt me to reload another disc or anything.

    After this the Drive just stopped reading anything or responding.


    I uninstalled Roxio Creator starter

    I cleaned up the registry entry as mentioned above in this thread.

    I ran the Microsoft FitIt Center tool for the DVD drive





  • Hi Sri,

    You may have a hardware failure. Please click the troubleshooting link below and follow the instructions to perform the Dell diagnostics on your DVD drive.

  • Hi OSPREY4,

     I ran the Dell Diagnostics from the Diagnostics partition accessed through F12

    I got the following error:

    CDROM Test Failure

    Error Code: 2000-0147

    Validation: 37753

    OPU Test Failed

  • I'm afraid your drive will need to be replaced. Fortunately, your Inspiron 1545 is a popular model and a replacement DVD burner is relatively inexpensive. You do not need to buy it from Dell.

  • Try rebooting your computer with a CD/DVD in the drive.  That seemed to work for me

  • Thanks spot.

     I believe I tried rebooting with a Bootable CD. Didnt work after changing the BIOS boot sequence to load from DVD drive first, but it waited a few secs & loaded from the HDD.

    I ordered a DVD drive... need to replace it



  • There was neither the UpperFilters or LowerFilters entry to be able to delete either of them. 

    The fix it link didn't help either. 

    I can play DVD's and CD's I just cannot burn them most of the time, then suddenly it will allow me to burn one.  I have tried several brands of disks and the writer just keeps telling me there is no disk in the drive.  The disks work perfectly in my friends DVD/CD writer!  Does this look like I need a new drive?  Any further help gratefully received. 

    Thanks for reading.

  • TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L633C

  • Hello, I have a '09 Optiplex 360 desktop with XP that I'm trying to upgrade to Vista and then maybe 7, but the cd/dvd E drive will not load the disk. I use the drive very little, in fact the last time I used it was to load the printer disk for its use. All my work is done over the internet. until now that Microsoft is not servicing XP any longer.

    I thought the drive was shot so I tried a new one ,that didn't work, I tried a external drive and no luck again. I tried some of your forum suggestions here  with Microsoft Fixit and some of the other things but nothing worked either.

    Any other ideas?




  • Have you tried updating the drivers and checking that the disk drive is not disabled? 

    Go into Control Panel, Device manager and have a look to see if there are any yellow triangles, which would indicate a problem. 

    I am no expert but this sometimes help pinpoint where the problem lies.

    Good luck

  • I went to the control panel, but I don't have a device manager. I have appearance and themes, network and internet connections, add/remove programs, sound, speech,audio devices, performance and maintenance, printers and other hardware, user accts, date, time, language, and regional options, accessibility options, and last security center .