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Crucial M4 512GB SSD doesn't work in my Precision m4300

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Crucial M4 512GB SSD doesn't work in my Precision m4300

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I've just invested £350 in a 512GB Crucial M4 SSD to make the already excellent laptop go just that bit quicker however the machine doesn't recognise the disk on boot up.  It says:

NO BOOT DEVICE AVAILABLE — The computer cannot find the hard drive. If the hard drive is your boot device,
ensure that the drive is installed, properly seated, and partitioned as a boot device.

Granted the SSD is 7mm thick whilst the Western Digital drive that's already in is ~9mm, so I used a spacer but this had no observable effect.

Does anyone know if the drive is supposed to be supported by the M4300 and if so how?

I'm not able to give the BIOS or firmware version at this point (using a different machine in a different location).

Any help very much appreciated.

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  • Hi EiLadron,

    What does the BIOS show?

  • Just removing your old harddrive and putting the SSD into the computer doesn't move Windows over (or reinstall it).

    After you put the SSD into the laptop, did you (try to) reinstall Windows on the laptop?

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  • osprey4 - Don't know the bios revision at the moment as I'm not near the offending machine, seemed to recall it was pretty up to date though.

    Dev Mgr - It was the BIOS complaining about the lack of hard drive so it doesn't really matter what Windows thought.  However, in answer to your question, I booted from Windows install DVD to be sure but it made no difference.

    What I'm really looking for here, is confirmation that the SSD is actually a supported configuration.  If it is, I'll persevere and download some firmware, bios, whatever, otherwise I'll return the devices.


  • That drive is listed by Crucial as supported, so perhaps a call to them would be in order.

  • Hi.

    I upgraded the BIOS to A15 - the latest - rebooted a couple of times with the original HDD to prove it was all ok - which it was.

    After that, installed the SSD and this time I get the same error but get prompted to run diagnostics.  During diagnostics I get an error 2000-0141 which, according to Dell, suggests I reinstall the drive which of course I do, but doesn't work.

    Any further clues, very much appreciated.

    BTW - where was the Crucial reference to support for the M4300?


  • When you called Crucial, what did they say?

    You can't use the Dell diagnostics on that drive. But Crucial lists that drive as compatible for your system. Use the system scanner to verify.

  • I haven't called Crucial yet - I'll try the System Scanner this evening.

    Unfortunately, I can only use the internet from my Mobile phone during the week, so internet access and research is very slow and intermittent.