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Help with error WHD20-1LI

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Help with error WHD20-1LI

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Good afternnon everyone, hoep you are all having a brilliant week-end!!!!

(continued form subject)........get it while I perform a hard drive test (targeted read test) via Dell support Center.  In the past I 've found software on the internet that is willing to fix one bad sector on your HDD for free, I ave reseacherd for two days now to no avail, well.., I did found one, but it did not repair the bad sector, HDD regenator software it was., Please help.

Win 7 HP 64 bit,  Inspiron 530,  4.00GB

and please do not answer  me with more questions, unless they are meaningful, otherwise it leads me think that you do not know how to fix the problem.

I thank you all very much in advance,



Jordan VelascoWink


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  • Hi Jordan,

    I assume you've got your data backed up and you've already tried "chkdsk /f". If you want to confirm the error, run the Dell diagnostics from your drivers and utilities disc. If the error is confirmed, replace the drive.

    Good luck!

  • Hi One Escapee,

    Welcome to the Dell Community,

    As already mentioned by Osprey4, please run the Dell diagnostics utility and if it returns any errors related to the hard drive, please consider replacing the hard drive. However, if the test passes, you can perform a Dell factory image restore after backing up your data.

    Step 1:- Please follow these steps to run the diagnostics.

    1. Turn off the computer

    2. Restart the system.

    3. At the Dell logo screen, press <F12>.

    4. At the One Time Boot menu, press the <Down> arrow key to highlight Diagnostics, then press <Enter> to begin PSA.

    5. Write down any error codes listed.

    Step 2:- If the diagnostics utility does not return any errors. Please perform the factory image restore after backing up your data because once the restore is complete, the data is not retrievable. Kindly visit this link for instructions on Image restore.

    Please try these steps and let me know of the outcome.

    Glad to be of assistance



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