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Replacing a hard drive with a larger one in an E1705, keeps putting in a partition

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I have a Dell Inspiron E1705 (from 2006) w/MediaDirect, Windows XP Pro SP3. I had a 100GB HDD & am replacing it with a Western Digital 320GB Scorpio Black HDD.

I'm using the Automated System Recovery to backup my old drive (about 47GB of data, etc) and transfer to the new drive. However, when I transfer to the new drive it partitions the new drive so that I have 100GB active & approx. 200GB unallocated. How can I transfer my old drive's image & prevent it from partitioning the new drive?

I've tried to just load Windows XP Pro from my original disk (SP2) on the new drive, but apparently I'm doing something incorrectly because it won't finish the load and I can't get into the system to restore the backup.


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