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DVD/CD drive has trouble recognizing cd

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DVD/CD drive has trouble recognizing cd

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I have a  Dell Studio XPS 435ST computer. with a HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GH30N drive. It playes DVD's fine, but it has trouble recognizing audio cd's. I put them in the drive and my computer will go in wait mode for a few seconds and then the drive pops open and I get the message "Insert a Disc. Please insert a disc into Drive E." But it already has the disc in there! 

It seems to play and write DVDs just fine. Any ideas what might be wrong?  I am running VIsta Service Pack 2. 

Thanks for any help or ideas.

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  • Run the Dell Diagnostics to test the drive.  The Diagnostics should be on your hard drive.  Press F12 at startup while the blue Dell is on the screen.  This will take you to the boot menu where the Utility Partition or Diagnostics will be a choice.  Run the Custom Test for the drive and have a data CD (not music CD) in the drive for the read test.

  • I ran the diagnostics and all tests were passed. No problems there. Any other ideas anyone?

  • Did the drive read the data CD during the Custom Test?

  • I wasn't able to run the test with as you stated above. My computer doesn't have the Dell diagnostic utility on it, so I had to use the Utilities and Drivers CD that came with the computer. So at the time of the test, the Utilities and Drivers CD in the drive. It seems to have read that CD fine. No errors were reported.

  • Are the audio CDs you are trying to play commercial CDs or burned CDs?  Can you see the contents of the CDs using Explore in My Computer?

  • I have tried both commercial CDs and burned CDs. And no, the contents cannot be seen using explorer. It is as if the computer/drive does not even recognize that a disc is in there. i often get the ""Insert a Disc. Please insert a disc into Drive E."  error message.

  • It sounds like the CD laser has failed while the DVD laser is still functioning.  That is why I suggested running the Dell Diagnostics Custom Test with a data CD in the drive during that read test.  Your Utilities and Drivers disc may be a DVD.  If so, boot your system with it to obtain the specific Diagnostics as described earlier.  The Dell Diagnostics will verify the CD laser function (or failure) by reading or not reading a data CD.  But, since the drive cannot see the contents of any CD in My Computer, it is highly likely it is failed and will need to be replaced.

  • Thanks Skybird. I am going to try tonight to see if I can get a data cd in there while I run the test again.