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WD Caviar Green 2,5 TB (only 280 GB displayed)

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WD Caviar Green 2,5 TB (only 280 GB displayed)

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Hi everybody, I have a problem with a Dell Precision 5500. A WD Caviar green 2,5 TB was installed on it but I had serious problems, because of that I sent it back to WD and they replaced it,

I reinstalled the new hard drive but when I rebooted my computer, only 280GB were displayed on windows. I don't get what it's wrong, the previous disk was recognized with its whole capacity and now with the new one, I just have 280GB.

I sent an email to WD support, they told me to re-initialized my disk and update my motherboard's bios if necessary (I did it).

Is someone already had the same problem ? I would appreciate any help that anyone could give.

PS : Sorry if you don't understand everything, I'm french, my english is not perfect =)

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  • What operating system are you running?

  • I'm running on Windows 7

  • Do you have the drive connected to a SATA port, or to a SAS port? My T7500 (big brother of the T5500) can recognize 2+TB drives just fine on the SATA ports, but the integrated SAS controller (on the T5500 it would have to be a PCIe add-on card) only recognizes the first 2048GB (2TB).

    Also; you cannot use a disk larger than 2TB for a boot drive unless the system has a UEFI (which isn't an option on the Tx500-series workstations). So, once you boot into Windows, if you go to disk management, do you see the 2.5TB disk with any partitions or so? If so, delete them, then right click the disk (not the partition area, but where it says "Disk 1" and select the "Convert to GPT". Now you can create a partition that uses the full capacity of the disk.

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  • First, thanks for your answer

    Then, concerning my problem :

    - I connected my hdd to a SATA port and I want to use it as a storage device, that's why I don't used UEFI.

    - When I boot to windows and that I go to disk management, I only see one partition which has a capacity of 280GB (I don't even have only 2TB instead of 2,5TB).

    - I used diskpart in order to re-initialize my disk and during the initialization I selected to use GPT partitions.

  • Depending on the age of your Windows 7 installation, you may need an update to the AHCI drivers.  This is done by installing the most recent version of Intel Rapid Storage Technology.  This link should take you to the Intel RST version for 64 bit or 32 bit Windows 7:  Intel Rapid Storage Technology for 64 bit Win 7.  Be sure to download the version you need; you will find instructions on the page to help you make the selection.

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  • Thanks, I test it as soon as I can and I tell you the result