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help me.

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help me.

This question has been answered by nestor192

So I wake up this morning and this is what I see on computer, its a a Dell Dimension 4700

Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A88 
Copyright 1985-1988 Phoenix technologies Ltd. 
Copyright 1998-2004 Dell Inc. 
All Rights Reserved 

Dell System Dimension 4700 Series 
BIOS version A88 

Drive 1 not found: serial ATA, SATA-2 
Drive 2 not found: Parallel ATA, PATA-8 (PRI IDE Master) 
Drive 3 not found: Parallel ATA, PATA-1 (PRI IDE Slave) 
Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility 

What do I do to get this to go away cause when I press the F1 key it goes straight to reboot the system and it starts well with no error msgs. what do I need to do to fix this opportunity...I already restored it to factory settings...Please help....Thanks Nestor

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  • Osprey after really looking at your comment (There should be a way to turn the SATA ports to ON in the BIOS.) and trying many things it came to me, to try to disconnect the SATA ports and reconnect them and ensure that the master and slave were in there right place, I then crossed my fingers and rebooted and to my astonishment boom it was fixed and everything is runnig smooth once again...thank you so much for your help and knowledge...Nestor

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