DVD-CD Rom no longer shows as part of my computer!

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DVD-CD Rom no longer shows as part of my computer!

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I have a Dell Inspiron 530S with Vista OS.  For some time the my CD ROM would not auto start, but I could open the files of a CD and activate the CD.  Yesterday, I tried to enter a new CD program and the CD RIOM was dead and did not even show on the list of drives when I went to the computer location that shows everything. 

Device manager says "Windows cannot load the device driver.  Driver may be corrupted or missing (Code 39)."  Microsoft says I have the latest driver for the device!

What now?



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  • Code 39 is usually a "filters" problem in the Registry.

    HERE is how to fix it.

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  • That solved one problem.  But I still have another!  Auto run does not run.  I get the menu for choosing what program I want to use to open.  Then it went to zoom browser with a note "unspecified error"  How do I get auto run to run?


  • Hi Ron,

    Try this. When you are prompted to choose a program to run for the disc you inserted, cancel that prompt. Then try manually starting your preferred program. Let me know if that works properly.

  • Didn't work.  If I cancel the menu offering a choice of programs to use, it just all goes away and anything I try to activate brings back the same menu and the Zoom Browser (a photo program) opens with the note "unspecified error".

  • What happens if you simply try to open zoom browser?