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Laptop XPS 15, CD/DVD drive not working

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Laptop XPS 15, CD/DVD drive not working

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System Dell™ XPS™ L501X

 Optical Drive - HL-DT-ST DVDRWBD CT30N
 Vendor Hitachi-LG Data Storage
 Firmware Revision A100

The Drive is not working, drivers are installed and OK, Window 7 Device Manager see the drive and says is OK.

Windows explored sees it (D:) and can open tray.

Divers installed are cdrom.sys and PxHlpa64.sys from Sonic Solutions,

Run Dell PC-Doctor diagnostic, all pass, but fails when ask to insert a CD/DVD.

It sees no CD/DVD.

I can hear the optical head moving, but the disk is not spinning.

So the problem is that the disk motor is not spinning.

Updated the firmware to  A101. no change.

Unistalled driver and reboot, so will reinstall. no change.

Any suggestion?


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  • Did you run the Dell Diagnostics that are on your hard drive or on the Drivers and Utilities disc to test the drive?  Press F12 at startup while the blue Dell is on the screen.  This will take you to the boot menu where the Utility Partition or Diagnostics will be a choice.  Run the Custom Test for the drive and have a data CD or data DVD (not music CD or movie DVD) in the drive for the read test.

  • Yes, I follow the steps, everything passes, then it open the tray and ask to insert a data CD, I close the tray, I hear a short noise, I assume is the optical head with lenses moving, then open the try again, it did not see the CD, I do not hear the CD spinning at all, not even for short time.

  • Odd that if the motor is not spinning, the diagnostics should detect it.

  • So that I may better understand ...... During the Diagnostics read test you had a data disc in the drive and the Diagnostics read it?  Is this correct?

  • Yes I put a good data CD.

    At the Confidence Test, read test or seek test a prompt says : No Disck or can not read from the disk in your drive, you must insert .... ... try again? I press yes, or re-open and close, tryied other CD, but the prompt keeps coming on.

  • When this happens during the Diagnostics Read Test, it means the laser has failed.  The drive needs to be replaced.  If you are under warranty, contact Dell with the results of the Diagnostics for a replacement drive.

  • Hi I got the same problem my is a dell lap top blue Inspiron DVD Rewriter model :GT10N rom ver.A109 FDA No 0622198-027 manufactured June 2010 any I want to buy one and if there's a better one and latest one out there that will fit straight in etc and if it's a blu ray player etc anyway how much are they from the same one that I got to the new latest ones ?? Please can you let me know thanks
  • My problem is that it was a bad DVD reader, guess laser not working and therefore did con detect DVD, I replace it and works fine now ;)

    This was the replacement, (I upgraded it to BR burnet too)

    Panasonic UJ240

    Model no: UJ240 AFDB-B

    Dell P/N OHJJOO

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed / replaced from this post by Dell>

    cost less that 200$

    This should be OK too:

    BT10N 6X 3D Blu-Ray Burner Writer BD-RE DVDRW Internal SATA Drive GH5V9