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Problems playing Blu Ray discs on new Dell XPX 8300‏

This question has been answered by osprey4

I recently purchased a Dell XPS 8300 desktop computer in UK and can't get it to play Blu Ray's or dvds. It loads up on Cyberlink Power DVD 9.5 as the default player and I can see the description of the actual Blu Ray movie but it does not allow me to play the movie. It comes up with the following message:

"Content only allowed on digital output, ensure display device uses DVI, HDMI or display port connector (error code 0121)." My system is set to region B which is compatible with the Blu ray discs I am using and I have also tried to use Windows media player and it also does not work

I have a 24in ST242OL UK full HD WLED wide screen monitor (VGA,DVI-D and HDMI) and have a optical drive 6x Blu Ray Rom combo & 16x DVD (WIN 7 only)

Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue would be appreciated

Regards Paul


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