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Plse Help - Error - No Hard Drive Detected on Inspirion One23 Model 2310

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Plse Help - Error - No Hard Drive Detected on Inspirion One23 Model 2310

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Hello anyone,

I really need some help here please. I have the feeling my computer has a major fault. I have googled the fault and the typical suggestion is to check physical drive connections but as I have an "All in One" desktop my options are limited and I must proceeed carefully.


Machine bought late Nov 2010.

January - Blue screen crash. restart in safe mode recovers.

Late February - first major crash

March - 4 crash events


After about 30 mins use in minor process activity (e.g.: surfing web, looking at photos), machine hangs, blue screen then a "saving to hard disk" of Windows. Try to restart machine and it says

"Reboot and Select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key."

it cannot detect hard drive. Running diagnostics I get......


Error Code 0141

Msg Error Code 2000-0141

Hard drive - No hard drive detected (!!!!!!)

Only by running a full Pre-boot System Assessment Build 4525 (which is mainly on memory analysis) which takes 50 minutes can the system recover.

It seems clear to me this is a computer issue not a software issue. As said at the beginning, when I Google this it tells me to make sure the hard is properly installed which is not easy to do without destroying my warranty. If anyone as advice can you please write a couple of lines. Dell if you read this and know about this issue can you please email me with a recommendation.



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  •  Turtleinthesea

    The hard drive seems to have failed, as you should have a Dell warranty in effect, contact Dell's Techncal Support about a replacement.



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  • hi ben

    i own a dell inspiron one 23 (all in one) and i have had it for 70 days and i all of a sudden am experiencing the same thing of which you are in your above description.  i called dell technical today and they told me it is an easy fix, but because it is pass 60 days they need another $239 to walk me through the fix.  with that said, did you find any solution to this error?  I tried to run some tests with the"f12" boot section, but it is saying there is NO hard drive to connect to.

    is this a conspiracy with dell?  i need any suggestions or advice that wont cost me $239.



  • Hello Don,

    Other feedback has confirmed what I expected - it is a computer issue and nothing to do with any software I am running - but I have been travelling and unable to contact Dell support.

    But note I am based in France. Under my European consumer rights the obligation is on the supplier to fix defective goods at their cost (with the exception of postage fees incurred) within the warranty period. So if they try and charge me to fix this I will issue a legal letter.

    Please give me your e-mail address so we can communicate further.



  • Thank you Bev for your answer. As expected.

  •  Turtleinthesea

    You are welcome.

    Hopefully you have a Dell warranty in effect.



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  • Hello Ben,

    Hello Don,

    My 2310 seems to be having the same sort of problems as your machines with a hard drive detect issue.  I installed a brand new hard drive, however the problem remains.

    Can either or both of you please detail the outcome with your particular issues?  Was the problem resolved? By DELL under warranty or how?

    I realise its been some time since your last post but an update would be of great help to others like me, with the same problem to fix, who find this thread by searching Google.



  • Hi Wayne,

    It would be helpful if you tell us what problems you are having. I assume when you say you have installed a new hard drive, you also mean that you've performed a manual installation of the operating system?

  • Hello Wayne,

    I am assuming you are getting the error message I did which is why you posted. Here's what happened:

    Dell insist it is a hard drive issue and replaced the hard drive component under the warranty (but I still had to pay for someone to do the installation and I had to buy a version of Windows).

    Two weeks later I got the same error. So they replaced the hard drive again.

    One month later I got the same error. So they replaced the hard drive again.

    I am now on 4th disk and there machine is just over 1 year old. I know one day I will get the blue screen and I will probably throw the computer in the bin.

    Personally I am convinced there is something fundamentally wrong with my computer. Whether its a design issue or another bad component is triggering the disk failure I don't know but in all my years of IT I have never seen a machine chew through hard disks so fast. I have tried to point out this is not normal reliability but Dell refuse to change the computer. My advice is make sure you backup externally at least once a week or after you have done something significant (like upload holiday pictures). Personally I nearly always have my external plugged in as a slave to the main disk..... which kind of defeats the whole point of an all-in one machine.

    I sincerely hope you have more luck than me.


  • Hi Osprey,

    Thanks for your post.  I've got three Inspiron 2310s in all.  So all I did was swap the hard drives between two of the machines.  The one with the hard drive detect issue still has the same problem with the new hard drive installed from the second 2310.  The second 2310, now having the hard drive originally in the computer with the hard drive detect problem, works fine.  Therefore I could reasonably argue that the problem has nothing to do with the hard drive itself.

    My next step was going to be to clone the original hard drive to a new hard drive and install that, however I suspect I'll have the same issue.

    I'll post back when I do that.

    Cheers, Wayne

  • Hi Ben,

    Thanks for your post.  Your description of events clearly points to it not being a hard drive fault so it seems like DELL is trying to avoid their responsibility to fix the real problem, likely to be the motherboard.  I am in Australia and we have enforceable consumer guarantees that require companies to respond to these sort of problems regardless of the warranty provided.  I doubt that DELL would be able to argue that a computer that displayed this fault was of acceptable quality -  i.e. safe, durable and free from defects.  "Acceptable quality" is one of our consumer guarantees.

    As you can see from my post above, my diagnosis is that the hard drive is not the problem.  Looks like I'll be backing up on a regular basis as you suggest.  As I bought my 2310 as a machine with "faults, undiagnosed" I don't have any recall to warranty or consumer guarantee.  I was hoping there might be a fix, however judging by your situation, I'll just have to hope it goes away by itself!

    Cheers, Wayne

  • Hello,

    I agree with many people posting here's final conclusion of a fundamental problem with the computer rather than a straightforward hard drive error.

    Basically, the first time mine crashed dell insisted that it was only a CD/DVD drive error and that a simple replacement would fix the error, it did not.

    I called and wasted about three days on the phone with "lets try taking your computer back to a safe point" and "well lets run this diagnostic instead"

    Finally got a new hard drive installed two weeks ago and now this one has crashed. I am still to call dell about this issue, but I will not be pleased when I do call.

    On an interesting note the technician who came out to replace the hard drive was not sent any replacement cables and didn't check connection to motherboard or power supply, hopefully this is where the error resides.

    Basically if the best Dell can offer is to replace the hard drive again, I am going to attempt to secure a refund or replacement.

    Fortunately under Australian law as they provided faulty goods it is at Dell's expense that all my repairs have occurred.

    Best luck to everyone here, my advice if you have to pay money to have repairs done, don't bother to waste your money, put it towards a new system.


    Jack Lassen

  • Hi guys. Had exactly the same problems with my 2310, and Dell replaced the SATA cable and front stand(!) and all now seems well.

  • I had exactly the same problem with my Inspiron 2310. I will try and replace the SATA cable. What do you mean by "front stand"?

  • The solution is to rerout the sata cabel so that friction and heat dont destroy the cabel also adding an aditional fan in the case allows for more air flow around the cpu and gpu the inspirion one has a major desighn flaw in that it doesn't cool enough of the other areas of the pc so things like a sata cabel can be destroyed