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Dell 1737 hard drive failures every 3-6 months

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Dell 1737 hard drive failures every 3-6 months

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As the subject indicates I have a Dell 1737 that is a few months shy of 2 years old. About 6 months after I got it, the hard drive failed, then a few months later, it happened again - both times Dell sent me replacement hard drives only to have them die within a matter of months. Finally, I stopped contacting Dell support because I had deadlines that needed to be met and it was unfortunately faster for me to buy new hard drives and pop them in the same day of the failure. In total, I have lost 5 hard drives in less then 2 years.

The problem manifests as bad sectors that eventually spreads until the drive completely fails.

I am at a loss of what to do - I'm still paying this laptop off and as it stands, its almost useless because of the constant danger of hard drive failure. Im hoping you fine folks can help me out in determining what is wrong with this thing.

Thank You,


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  • The two most common causes of failure in drives are excessive temperature and rough handling.  If the system runs hot, that needs to be addressed.  If you're jarring the system (such as by using it in your lap) while it's on, cease doing that and the drives will last significantly longer.


  • Hi Ben,

    Two things. First, I hope you are keeping your important files backed up, and that you also have an image of the drive that you can restore to get up and running quickly after a failure.

    Second, hard drive failures seem to come in bunches. At one point, I was replacing my daughter's drive twice a year (with warranty replacements). Eventually I installed a large WD drive and it's been smooth sailing since.