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stop: 0x00000024

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stop: 0x00000024

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I have a Dell Dimension 4600 series that I cant boot into recovery mode to run chkdsk or infact reinstall windows this bsod keeps popping up:

*** stop: 0x00000024 (0x001902fa,0xf96df814,0xf96df514,0xf8e84bba)

*** ntfs.sys - address f8e84bba base at f8e78000, datestamp 3d6de5c1

Also I cant run a "live" Ubuntu CD,this would seem to rule out HDD and connectors,since the live OS is loaded into ram....I have re-racked the mem modules.I have installed known good memory and the problem persists....I would like to run a drive fitness test but am unsure of the HDD manufacturer,(note:no floppy)

would the hitachi dft work?

here is my sys docs

Thanks in advance.




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  • Hi Ssulaco,

    As you have probably already discovered, this error means that your file system is corrupt (damage in the file system, bad hard drive data, or a corrupt ntfs.sys file). Test your drive using the Dell diagnostics from your bootable Dell drivers and utilities disc.

    Fiddling with the RAM is really not going to help anything.

  • Thx Osprey,I will dig threw my cds to locate it....if not,can I download it from Dell's website?

  • But of course! This download when run will open a window that will allow you to prepare a bootable CD from which you can run the diagnostics.

  • osprey,I found the diagnostic and utilities cd and booted in,I went to the Express test and it ran about 3 sec and I got this error message:

    "Error code 0700:0120.   msg: no cache detected,cache might be disabled,defective,or not present.The given error code and message can be used by Dell Tech support to help diagnose the problem" I believe there was a retry button that I hit and then I got this error message:

    "System Error!       msg: System_Error illegal attempt to disable Intel ICH SMI without restoring original values first." then I hit the OK button and system reboots,right after the Dell screen (I have seen this message before, not on all reboots...moves fast) something to the effect of : Abort! OS install mode enabled the amount of memory is limited to 256.     I remember seeing this in Bios,I reboot and according to documentation the "os install mode" should be off,it was On,I toggled to Off and rebooted,the Dell screen hangs,doesnt move,I reboot again now I have a black the top it says "Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A10",etc,etc,below that it says "Dell Systems Dimension 4600i Series   Bios version A10 and right below that it says "memory write/read failure 20000004,read FFEF00EF expecting 00EF00EF Decreasing available memory,it hangs there with the cursor blinking.........I reboot,same screen but now it says:  "Alert! previous attempts at booting this system have failed at checkpoint [EMem] for help resolving this problem,please note this checkpoint and contact Dell tech support" ....I rebooted again and got the same screen......JP




  • Ok, go into the BIOS and make sure "OS Install mode" is disabled.

    Then what you need to do is run the hard drive test, not the express test. To test your hard drive using your Dell Drivers and Utilities disc:
    1. Reboot your system. When you see the Dell logo, hit F12 to enter the boot menu.
    2. Insert the Dell Drivers and Utilities disc in your CD/DVD drive.
    3. Pick the option to boot from the CD/DVD drive.
    4. You will be prompted to hit any key to continue booting from the CD/DVD drive.
    5. You will be prompted to hit 1 to run the Dell diagnostics. You may see two such menus.
    6. Select Test System.
    7. Select Custom Test.
    7. Use the arrow keys or mouse to select your hard drive.
    9. Click Run Tests.
    10. Write down any error messages.

  • At this point I cant get into soon as I boot up the computer I'm getting    "Alert! previous attempts at booting this system have failed at checkpoint [EMem] for help resolving this problem,please note this checkpoint and contact Dell tech support"

    But,yes the os install is off.

  • You can fix this by booting to the BIOS and clearing the error log.

  • osprey,it also seems I  have mem issues,..... {according to the diagnostic lights}.so far what if done to get this thing to boot into Bios...

    1)  with all mem install 1 gig sticks in dimm 3 and 4, 256 mb sticks in dimm 1 and 2,I was getting the error message in my previous post and a "yellow" AB diagnostic light (AB yellow = mem modules detected but failure has occured)

    2) with 1 gig sticks each in dimm 3 and dimm 4 I still get  AB yellow lights no boot, also have audible beep/buzz from computer.

    3) with 1 gig stick in dimm 4 computer boots normally through dell logo screen then im presented with black screen that states: We apologize for the inconvenience,but Windows did not start successfully....etc,etc  and presented with 4 boot options safe mode,safe mode w/ networking etc,etc.. i let windows boot normally and once again see the "stop: 0x00000024"  bsod  [ABCD diag lights are green] but during one instance I had a ( D yellow = other failure has occurred,check cables to and from HDD,DVD etc

    I have rebooted after the bsod and in Bios now,(still have 1g in dimm 4only)I now have a D yellow light.........when you say clear error log,do you mean "system event log"?

    I'm going to retry your instructions on the Dell Drivers and Utilities disc.

    Hard Drive test in progress.......1st error code(0F00:0244)........will see how many more will pop up.   ( ABCD diagnostic lights all green)

  • It might be time to find a local computer shop to troubleshoot this.

  • Osprey,you cant give up on me now,....forget the memory issues right now........the HDD test is almost completed with 2 errors at same block area (probably wont see any more)

    Read Test:     error code  0F00:0244  uncorrectable data error.....(block 53156086)

    Verify Test      error code  0F00:1A44  uncorrectable data error.....(block 53156086)

    Would this give me the (stop: 0x00000024)  bsod?


  • Yes, that would indicate the drive needs to be replaced.

  • Osprey.......Thank you for your time and help.........JP