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Sony CRX310S

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I have a Dimension 9200 (Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit) with a Sony CRX310S CD/DVD combo drive.  I am having problems with this drive reading DVD's and audio CD's but not with data CD's.  I think it might be a Firmware or driver issue but I am using the current versions for both (Firmware -  VDK2 and driver - 6.0.6002.18005).  I thought about reinstalling them both but I have no idea where to get the firmware from because the Dell support site has nothing on this drive.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks! 

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    You might want to run Microsoft's Fixi It  program to see if that will correct the problem with the CD/DVD drive.  You can download the Fix It here:

    Let us know how you fare.


  • Hi Tony,

    I did that and the FixIt center said this: Media in CD/DVD drive is not readable (SONY CDRWDVD CRX310S).  It might be a possibility that the drive is bad but I was hoping the because it could read certain media but not DVD's and audio CD's that it just might be a software issue (firmware or driver).  Any additional help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!


  • Since the drive will read data CDs, you can test the drive.  Run the Dell Custom
    Diagnostics for the drive.  The Diagnostics may be on your hard drive.  It may be
    accessible by pressing F12 while the blue Dell shows at start-up of the computer.
    Have a data CD (not music CD) in the drive when you run the Diagnostics read test.

    If the Diagnostics are not on your hard drive, boot your system with the Dell
    Resources disc to obtain the Dell Diagnostics.

    It is possible that the DVD laser has failed while the CD laser is still functioning.

  • I did the diagnostics test and the drive passed with a data CD but still would not read a DVD/ audio CD.  I also tried the Dell driver reset tool and it said there were no errors and my other DVD drive works fine with this driver.  Is there any way to re-install the firmware for this drive?  If the DVD laser has failed and the CD laser is still working why would the drive not be able to read an audio CD?  Thanks for any help you can give me!

  • My apologies.  When I wrote my post I said "Have a data CD (not music CD) in the
    drive when you run the Diagnostics read test."  I meant to say to have a data DVD
    (not movie DVD) in the drive for the read test.

    If it fails to read the data DVD during the Diagnostics, then the drive is likely
    failed and should be replaced.

    One of the laser failures is a common drive failure mode.