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Targeted Read Test Failed

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Targeted Read Test Failed

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Should I worry about this? It happens every time I run a PC check up


I Have an Inspiron 546   Service code
<ADMIN NOTE:Service code removed per privacy policy>  BIOS 10



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  • Hi Ian1946,

    Can you tell if this message pertains to the hard drive? Is there more information about the error, such as whether it is a bad sector?

    You could try running the Dell diagnostics on your drive. Instructions are as follows:

    Starting the Dell Diagnostics From the Drivers and Utilities Media

    1. Insert the Drivers and Utilities media.

    2. Shut down and restart the computer.

    When the DELL logo appears, press <F12> immediately.

    NOTE: If you wait too long and the operating system logo appears, continue to wait until you see the Microsoft Windows desktop; then, shut down your computer and try again.
    NOTE: The next steps change the boot sequence for one time only. On the next start-up, the computer boots according to the devices specified in the system setup program.
    1. When the boot device list appears, highlight CD/DVD/CD-RW and press <Enter>.

    2. Select the Boot from CD-ROM option from the menu that appears and press <Enter>.

    3. Type 1 to start the CD menu and press <Enter> to proceed.

    4. Select Run the 32 Bit Dell Diagnostics from the numbered list. If multiple versions are listed, select the version appropriate for your computer.

    5. When the Dell Diagnostics Main Menu appears, select the test you want to run.

    6. Continue with Using the Dell Diagnostics Main Menu.

    Using the Dell Diagnostics Main Menu

    1. After the Dell Diagnostics loads and the Main Menu screen appears, click the button for the option you want.
    2. Choose Test System, then Custom Test.
    3. From the list of devices, choose hard disk drive and run the full test.
    4. Write down any errors and associated information.
  • Hi osprey4,

    i have similar problem and it is related with hard drive. my notebook is inspiron 1545, and it is just 1.5 years old. :(

    and in the dell support center window the message is as follows.

    "This drive has detected 29 errors in data sectors which render the sector unusable Since these errror occur normal drive operation, they are not necessarily indicative of a failing drive.
    Additional testing is recommended."

    kindly let me know how can i solve this problem by myself.

    and sometimes i get blue screen error (i did not record it, but next time when i get it, i will surly record and post it here). is this blue screen error is because of the problem with my hard disk.


  • Hi Gs_Ravishankar,

    First, make sure your data is backed up!!

    Please run the hard drive diagnostics as I described above. Bad sectors are frequently a sign of a failing drive.

  • Hi osprey4,

    i did exactly the same as you described and here are the error information below.

    1) confidence test

    first it checked the beging, then end and then random middle check.

    this test was pass.

    after this i got a popup asking me if i would be intrested in detailed middle test and when i click on yes after some time i think about 40 mins time i get the following error.

    Error Code:0F00:1332

    Msg:DISK - BLOCK 253608770, interrupt request (IRQ) not sent in time.

    after i get this message and it asked me if i want to continue running the test i said yes and then it took about 10 mins nothing was happening then i pressed ESC and the test got aborted.

    2) i have re run the tests one more time as stated in point 1 above but this time i did not do the detailed middle check because this was taking too much time.

    and i wanted to run read test.

    between confidence test and read test there were some other tests which were passed but in read test i get errors as follows.

    a) Error code : 00F0:0232  at 253608704 of 655142447

    the same error code repeated for different blocks like

    253608705,253608706 253608707, 253608708

    3) later it continued with seek test and in seek test also it gave me an error code

    Error Code: 0432

    by this time it was 2 am in the morning and i could not continue with any tests.

    i hope the above information will help you to diagonse the problem and suggest me possible solutions.

    or should i replace the hard drive?

    and currently my system is getting shutdown suddenly with blue screen, is it because of the problem in harddrive?

    or this is a different problem?

    thank you in advance

    Ravi Shankar

  • Replace the hard drive, which is failing.


  • hi,

    may i know the reason for this failure?

    will you please suggest some good company?

    because dell gave me WD (western digital) and this time is it fair enough to buy the same?

  • Bad sectors can develop for a host of reasons - the most common one is a bump or jarring motion that causes the heads to damage the platters.

    There's little or no difference between the five notebook drive makers where reliability is concerned - they're all about equal.  That said, I tend to favor WD, Seagate or Samsung drives over Toshiba or Hitachi.


  • Thank you so much EJN63

    i was also asking about blue screen errors on my machine.

    do you think is it also because of these bad sectors on the hard drive?


    this would be my last question, after this i think may be we can close this thread as resolved.

  • Yes, bad sectors can lead to operating system crashes - including blue screens.


  • Hi EJN63,

    thank you so much.

    i dont know how to close this thread but i understand it as closed.


  • I had a failing Seagate drive which caused blue screens, I managed to resurrect the drive and do partition backups, and successfully restored them to a new WD drive from Dell. But now the Dell PC Checkup is reported an error on a particular sector in the Targeted Read test. :(  Is this likely to be a hardware issue or a problem with the backup (which was made after the initial problem)?   I would not be happy if the new drive has bad sectors!

  • Hi Adzze,

    You should not depend on the PC Checkup utility to test the hard drive. Run the diagnostics from your Dell drivers and utilities disc.

  • Thanks osprey4

    I ran the diagnostics from the disk you suggested, ran some quick HD tests and it didn't find any problems (the PC Checkup software still does).  The disk said the software was already on the laptop but I've never seen the option for it, certainly not on the POST menu or in the Windows Dell menus so I'm not sure what the story is there.



  • I would go ahead and run the extended test. The other thing to do is run the WD hard drive test, available on their site.

    New drives can have bad sectors, so this is something to be taken seriously.

  • I did what you suggested and ran the Confidence Test, the Self Test, the Read Test and the Verify Test. It passed only the Confidence Test.

    The Self test came back with

    0F00:065D DISK - DST Self test Read error

    The Verify test came back with:

    DISK - Block 68458182 Interrupt Request (IRQ) did not set in time

    Does this mean I've been sold a faulty HD?