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CD/DVD player will not burn

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CD/DVD player will not burn

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CD/DVD will not burn. My first cd player died, so I bought a new one from Dell: PLDS DVD-ROM DH-16D5S ATA DEVICE.

I have an Inspiron 530, Vista 32 bit. Using Windows Media Player, it gives the message "connect a burner and restart the player".

The new CD player does work some, that is, it plays audio CDs as it should. It is recognized by the computer in Device Manager.

What I've tried: downloading drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling the new player/burner, tried Koyote music player, and cursing.

Any help is appreciated. Joe.

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  • ROM means read only media. Are you sure you ordered a RW read-write drive? According to the Dell listing, it only reads disks. You need a DVD  +- RW drive to burn dvd's.