TS-H653H CD/DVD DRIVE...Burned music cd only plays 1st track on home portable

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TS-H653H CD/DVD DRIVE...Burned music cd only plays 1st track on home portable

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I just purchased a Dell studio XPS, windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. It has a cd/dvd drive and a bd-re drive. I have not been able to burn a complete music cd on the cd/dvd drive, it will burn all the tracks but when played on my home portable or my car cd player, only the first track is played, but all tracks can be played on my computer. I tryed 2 different cd burning programs, Nero and Roxio with the same results (it will play all the tracks when burned with windows media player). It also does not matter how long the first track is, it could be 3 minutes or 25 minutes long, only the first track will play. I have been on the phone with Teac support twice for almost 2 hours each time and they dont have a clue. One guy sent me to software support because he said it was a software issue, so after I paid $110 dollars for a "Software Contract" the "Specialist" told me that my home player and my car player can only play music cds burned with windows media player (HELLO). I tried different brands of cds, uninstalled and reinstalled the drive, drivers, firmware and finally yesterday I reinstalled the OS, the drive is still the same, only able to hear the 1st track. My computer is only 1 month old, and think its a hardware (Drive) problem. The drive is a TSST CORP DVD+ -RW TS H653H. I`m open for any and all suggestions, Thank you 

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  • Try burning the audio disc at a slower speed to see if the issue clears.
    Different players are sensitive to the burn reflectivity.  A good first
    thing to check is the burn speed.  Try burning the disc at one-fourth the
    maximum burn speed of the drive. 

  • Thanks for the reply, I tried burning at 24, 12, 7 and even at 4 times speed with the same results (have a ton of coasters) even tried deleting upper and lower filters in the registry with no luck.

  • The fact that the disc tracks all play on the computer indicates a burn
    speed issue (which appears OK) or a media issue.  You have also tried
    different brands of media.  Perplexing problem. 

    I would call Dell (under warranty) and explain what is happening and
    respectfully request a drive replacement.