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BD-RE drive won’t format BD-R disc

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BD-RE drive won’t format BD-R disc

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I'm running Vista on an Inspiron 530.  I want to do a backup to a removable disc.
My media is a Philips 25GB Blu-ray data disc.  It is compatible with my BD-RE drive, as far as I know.
The disc is recognized in the drive properties showing 23.3gb free space.
The formatting is not working and is giving the following messages:
"the file system is incompatible with this disk"
"the file system is incompatible with the disk in the drive"
Any advice as to the nature of the problem, or where to look for help?  Thanks.
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  • Hi, Billyum:

    What program are you using for back-up? Vista does not have the ability to write to BD so if you're trying to use the integrated back-up utility, that's not going to work.

    I'm not positive that you can format a BD-R disc.

  • Welcome to the forums Billy Yes



    The BD-RE suggests it is, but you're absolutely sure your Blu-Ray drive is a writer, and not just a reader?


    Assuming it is a writer, and as Osprey suggests... you need to use third-party software to burn to Blu-Ray discs.

    There are any number of FREE programs you can use - including:


    CD Burner XP (highly recommended)
    ImgBurn (also very good)
    Deep Burner
    Final Burner FREE
    Ultimate CD/DVD Burner
    Totally Free Burner



    Try one or other of those (start with CD Burner XP first), and let us know how you get on.

    And don't worry.  Despite the unfortunate choice of name... CD Burner XP does work under Vista and Windows 7 Wink


    I'm not sure if blank Blu-Ray discs need formatting first either, but you'll be advised by the burning software if they do?

    I doubt it though... given how long it could take to format a 25GB disc Surprise

    From experience, I've found that:   “Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder”!!


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  • I’ve tried only the Vista Backup and Restore Center.

  • Thanks much for the advice and suggested software.  Silly of me to think that a computer with a blu-ray burner would include the software to support it. 

    I'd prefer to find a package designed for an easy backup, so I don't have to spend hours or days telling it what,  and what not, to backup.

  • Billyum:

    The question above was, Are you sure this is a blu-ray burner? Perhaps you could provide the model number.

    And yes, your system should have software to burn blu-ray discs. But your original question was about backup software, not blu-ray burning software. But you cannot use Vista to back up to BD discs. You need something else.

  • As to whether the unit is actually a Blu-ray burner here is the description:  HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH20N ATA Device.  I din't know how to find the model number.

  • The HLDS BH20N (BH20N is the model) is a Blu-ray rewriter drive.  User's Guide
    is here .....

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

    Look on your system for Roxio software.  It may be the Blu-ray
    writing software installed by Dell.

  • To Skybird's suggestion, I'll add one tip.

    I would NOT use BD discs for backup purposes. DVDs are about one tenth the cost per GB.

  • I was able to use Roxio, which came with the computer, to create a blu-ray backup.  It didn't work at first; but got some help from Roxio Support which included a recommendation to update to the latest PX Engine, which, I believe, solved the problem.  Thanks Skybird for your valuable assistance. 

  • I know you seem to have resolved this issue now but I have a very similar problem. Can't format a BD-RE disc. I have the latest firmware for the BH20N - C106/A05 and the latest PX Engine from Roxio. However, it appears to be a problem between the dirver/firmware and the Operating system - Vista and 7.  The reaso I say that is because I get the error - Windows cannot complete the format regardless of what software I am trying to use to foramt/erase/write to the disc.  Using Memorex BD-re.  Dell Technical Support tell me it is a software issue, so that seems to confirm what I think.

    It appears to me that Dell have sold me a system that was not fully tested.  The drive works fine with BD-r discs but not BD-RE discs and never has.  So why should I pay for software support?


    How do people complain to dell?  Their customer support link is only to do with order status, etc.

  • RonD2010 
    To Dell, everything is a software problem.  That's because their warrantee is only on the hardware.  This is a real bad joke on their customers.  Below is the reply I got from Roxio.  Suggest you follow up with them or other software vendors, and go back to Dell as a last resort.
    Thank you for choosing Roxio Customer Care.

    We understand that you're having issues creating a backup disc using Creator Premier. We apologize for any inconvenience and we'll do our best to try and assist you in resolving this issue.

    Burning errors can happen for a variety of reasons. Roxio has found that doing the following steps resolves about 80% of all burning issues. Please give all these steps a try and see if it fixes your writing problems.
    1. Update your drive's firmware/drivers. Most companies regularly update their firmware and drivers. If you are unsure what model your burner is and its firmware, click here to find out.

    2. Enable DMA. Direct Memory Access enables better efficiency of data. For more info, check how to enable DMA.

    3. Your media. Check the following:

      • The disc is clean and unused.

      • The media is recommended by your burner's manufacturer or try a different brand, preferably a name brand, if you continue to have problems.

      • Make sure that media (-R/+R, -/+RW, dual-layer compatibility) is supported by the burner by checking burner's manual or manufacturer's website. This is especially true for some Blu-Ray burners which do not support CD-R/RW media.


    4. Lower the write speed of your burner.

    5. If your burner is external, make sure it is connected directly to the computer via USB/Firewire and not a hub or other other device like a sound card.

    6. Update to the latest PX Engine. The PX Engine improves compatibility with newer burners on the market.

    7. A reinstall of the burner's drivers may also help.

      • Windows XP: Go to My Computer and choose Properties.

      • Windows Vista: Go to Start --> Control Panel --> System and Maintenance --> Device Manager.

      • Click on the Hardware tab.

      • Select Device Manager

      • Expand DVD/CD-ROM Drives, then select your burner and uninstall it by right -licking on it.

      • Reboot.

    If the information provided does not resolve your issue simply update your webticket with a detailed explanation with the steps you have tried and any error messages you receive.

  • Hi Billyum,

    Thanks for taking the time, and putting in the effort, to respond so fully regarding a possible solution to my problem.  Much more than Dell have done!!

    Unfortunately, I have already done all that you suggest except confirm that the media is compatible with the drive manufacturer.  Have sent LG an email but no response.  Interestingly, the drive is produced by the Hitachi/LGE joint venture and is not listed by either company as being a drive they produce.  Can't get onto the joint venture site, well not in English anyway.  The link to the English page just comes up Under Construction - the joint venture was set-up in 2000 or 2002.  Quick work.  So, as reported to Dell - twice - the problem is still unresolved.


    Thanks again.  Will let you know when (IF) and how I get somebody to own the problem and resolve it.  Still think the system was sold to me without complete testing.


  • Hi all Bluray drive users,

    I've just been searching the forum for a solution to my problem - can't format BD-re - and am absolutely staggered by the number of problems related to all manner of Bluray drives installed by Dell.

    It seems that there is a really fundamental problem(s0 with Bluray and Dell systems.  Truely, it is staggering.  No wonder Dell are trying to ignore this problem.  Think it's time it got wider coverage in the IT industry.  Bet there are plenty of papers/magazines/rival companies/support forums/etc. that would find it interesting.  Perhaps they could bring some pressure to bear and help get some resolution.

  • RonD2010:

    It should not be necessary to format a BR disc. Can you tell me what you're trying to do?

  • Hi Osprey4,

    I first ran into the problem when I wanted to backup some files to my Memorex BD-RE disc(s).  The first thing that happened was that I got a message that the disc was not formatted.  So I tried to format it.  Apparently you do need to format BD-RE discs before their first use.  That is when the fun started and every software product I have used to try and format the Disc(s) has given me the same error.  Not I posted under thid heading - knowing that you can't format a BD-r disc, but wanting to join this discussion.