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CD disk drive does not read disks

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I have a Dell Dimension 3000 and I'm trying to download a Home Design software program, however, my CD drive keeps asking me to insert a CD when it is already in there.  I've tried several other CD's just to eliminate the chance that the CD is bad.  I purchased the $49 help phone help option from Dell, but so far I've waited 30 minutes and 40 minutes to speak to a technician, before giving up in frustration.  Any ideas on how I can check if my CD drive needs to be replaced or not?  I have a company laptop that the software CD will work on.  How can I download the program on the laptop and transfer the program to my desk top computer?  Thanks for any help.

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  • In My Computer, if you right-click the drive (with a CD inserted)
    can you see the contents of the disc?

    If not, you can run the Dell Diagnostics on the drive if it is on
    your hard drive.  Press F12 at startup while the blue Dell shows
    on the screen.  This will enter the boot menu.  Choose Utility
    Partition or Diagnostics.  Run the Custom Test on the drive and
    have a data CD (not music CD) ready for the test.

    If not on the hard drive, see if you can run the hard drive version here .....

  • Well after diagnostic test, it said everything passed, but my dvd and cd drives do not work, period. I am stressed!

    ShaAnne in OK

  • Shaanne,

    The post was intended for Nosneve.  You have a different problem.  In your csae, it may be that the
    drive is not present (electrically).  Does the drive appear in the Device Manager?

    Also, what model computer do you have?

  • Go to the store And buy a book with a bootable Linux CD.

    Press F12 and choose boot from cdrom and see if it boots from the CDROM.

    If it does then the CD is likely fine and you have upper/lower filters problems or other software issues. Hacking Knoppix (ExtremeTech) (9780764597848): Scott ...


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