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Adding Hard drive and CD/DVD drive questions XPS 630

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Adding Hard drive and CD/DVD drive questions XPS 630

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Wow, been alot of years since I posted here ( i think I invented ASPI CD drive Now that my age is out of the way.

I purchased a DELL XPS 630 with single CD/DVD drive to replace my self built machin which gave up the ghost. So a multi question challenge.

I want to add the DVD drive from my old machine to the new in the second drive bay


Want to add the two SATA HDD from the old machine to the new

1) Can i add the DVD drive in that second drive bay ? Do I have to remove the faceplate and will the eject button work ?

2) I know how to add the HDD's so no issue there and I know that even though they are SATA I , they will work. Just want the data and storage.

3) NOW THE real question. Is the power supply that shipped with my dell sufficient for this ? I think its a 750 W (whatever comes with it) and my home built machine had 2000W. I did that for the fans, etc etc

I dont want to add this STUFF if i am going to overtax the machine. Maybe just the hard drives ?

Help is appreciated as I am a new 'consumer again' in the desktop world. I bought my laptops from DELL but the past 4 years desktops were self built. Thank you dell community in advance...Rob




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  • arcorob 

    Yes, you can install either a IDE, or SATA DVD drive internally in the XPS 630. 

    The default power supply should be fine and not need to be upgraded.

    The discussion HERE <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>  may help you with the installation of the DVD drive.

    Dell's instructions for installing an optical drive in a 630, are HERE

    Note, The XPS 630, support a total of four SATA and two IDE drives.




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