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Dell Inspiron 530 upgrade help

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Dell Inspiron 530 upgrade help

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I want to add a 2.5 inch SATA hard drive to my  Dell Inspiron 530, fitting it in the slot where a Floppy drive or card reader goes (its currently sitting empty).


I already have 2x 3.5 SATA hard drives in my computer so:


1) Would the power supply be able to handle a third hard drive, even if its a smaller laptop hard drive?

2) Would there be any problems with the motherboard (and BIOS)?

3) Where can I find a blank plastic panel to cover the hole in the front of the case?


I have an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor and my motherboard has the model number 0FM586.

I dont have a graphics card so I know I'm saving power there.


Thanks for any help

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  • Hello Nimicitor


    I would suggest you not to add a third hdd as this can degrade the system performance , I would rather suggest you to try an external HDD or you can replace the existing HDD with a larger Size HDD.

    Coming to Your specific questions-

    1-Yes  systems default  power supply can handle the third hard drive but you need to check for power supply connector availability.

    2-there would be no issues with bios, however you can update the bios to latest version from dell support site

    3-it is really hard to find the specific front panel for HDD which can suit both hdd and system front bezel , You can try some of the older desktops HDD front plastic panel. you can contact dell sales for this or you can  also contact dell OWR or search over



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    Thanks and Regards


  • Hi, how would my system performance degrade if I add a third hard drive?

    I have 4GB of RAM and each hard drive has a different operating system on so they are not always active.

    I want to use the third drive for a third OS.

    I have 1 spare SATA power lead and I just need to buy a new SATA data cable.

    I have the latest BIOS update (1.0.18).

    On the third point, I think we might have got confused, I'm looking for a 2.5" drive bay cover (see pic). I cant find one to fit anywhere, it seems like it will be easier to make one.

    One more point, I am in the UK and not USA.

    Kind regards