Have to replace my hard drive on my inspiron E1505

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Have to replace my hard drive on my inspiron E1505

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I am getting the BLUE SCREEN.  I ran Dell Computer Diagnostics, and my hard drive failed.

Is there a way to copy all of the contents of my C drive, including program files to the new hard drive.

As you can tell, I really don't know much about computers.  Can anyone help??

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  • It's likely you can get your data back if the drive is still recognized.  It's unlikely you will be able to recover everything  by cloning, which is the only way to rescue the installed programs.

    To attempt data recovery, install the drive into a 2.5" SATA enclosure and attach it to a working system by USB.  Copy your files to the host system's hard drive.

    You'll have to reload Windows and your programs from the original CD/DVD discs.


  • I had similar issue with my Dell Inspiron E1505.....so I just brought home a new 320 gb hard drive...and the Windows XP install CD's are on their way...I need a step-by-step istruction as to what happens first....Do I load Windows XP discs?  Or do I first format the new hard drive?  Any information above and beyond this would be a great help!
    Thanks in advance for any assistance!!



  • Reinstallation: