I have two questions that require urgent advices please:

a.  I needed to reformat my hard drive and re-install xp sp2; however, even if my pc was booted from the cd-rom with the xp disc, I could not find the option of Delete All Partition, hence re-formating the entire hard drive; what I could only do was to install xp to C: thus replacing all files.  I recalled this option was available when installing Win 98.  Why is it gone now and how can I reformat the hard drive before re-installing all software please?

b.  When I first tried to re-install the xp sp2, I noticed that some USB drivers were not installed.  Why didn't Dell's recovery disc provide all drivers??  I could not find the right ones from Dell's and MS's websites?  Can anyone help please?  My mother board is Dell's Vostro 200 as indicated above.

Both questions are urgent please.  Thanks a lot!