Dell Latitude D510 hard disk upgradation

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Dell Latitude D510 hard disk upgradation

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Hi, I have dell latitude d510 laptop and i want to upgrade its hard disk. But I have no idea what type of Hard Disk and upto what storage capacity it supports? Prsently I am using Toshiba 60GB ATA Hard Disk. OS is Windows XP SP3 and Ram is 2GB(1x2). Can anybody please clear what type of hard disk is compatible with this laptop. I want maximum possible storage on it! 


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  • Hello vineetgarg, I did a little research on your Laptop Model, and it seems that your laptop requires an IDE type hard drive.

    The 120 GB 5400 RPM IDE is listed as the greatest capacity for your system.

    This may or maynot be the most capacity your model can support, but that is what I found listed.

    I did see a 160 GB IDE listed but it did not mention your model.

    The BIOS for your model may be limited to a maximum of 137 GBs.

    Dell's web site shows only a 60 GB and an 80 Gb available for your system, but other sites list the 120 GB as compatible.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi,

    Thanks alot!! It really helped me alot! One more question. What if I install a hard disk with storage capacity more than 120GB? What would happen then?

  • It varies.  It could be anything from the system wont recognize it to it may recognize it but not allow access to more than 120GB. Frankly I'm surprised Dell doesn't support more than 120G for the internal drive. I guess the goal is to sell more notebooks rather than more drives.

    The Drive in your D510 uses a Parallel ATA Interface so make sure to get that instead of the now more common SATA.

  • Hi, I went to shop to upgrade my Hard Disk. The person there told me that he thinks my laptop wont support more than 80gb as the processor is Pentium M 1.73Ghz.  Is it true that this processor does not support more than 80gb ATA hard disk???

  • The hard disk support has nothing to do with the processor's speed in Dell Latitude. For your convenience I am listing all the parts which are upgradeable.

    Hard Disk:
    You can go up to 120 GB ATA, but Dell only offers driver up to 80 GB ATA.

    Pentium M 1.73 GHz processor:
    The processor is upgradable to a maximum of 2.13 GHz ($60), but a 2GHz($30) is just fine. Reflash your bios after upgrading the processor.

    It comes with 512 MB (2x 256 MB) which is upgradable to 2 GB (2x1 GB) (makes an excellent difference).

    CD-RW / DVD-ROM optical drive:
    The highest upgrade you can get is a light scribe dvd/rw.

    Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 graphic card:
    You can't do much with the video card it is integrated onto the Mother Board.

    Wireless Card:
    The default one has a common problem to be detected by the OS,  it's better to replace it.

    Secondary Battery:
    You can easily get a second battery the fits into the optical drive bay, increasing your battery time.

    Secondary Hard Drive:
    You can also put a second hard drive in this same bay, they make them in ATA and Sata, the sata does bottle neck but you do get a noticeable faster transfer rate.

    There are different colored tops available, my notebook’s top is gray.

    If you have anything else to be asked, feel free to contact me via live chat feature on my website

  • on ebay i check a list of hard drives compicable for the dell d510 and what i saw is that there are hard drives that is up to 250gb and different names that can run on the dell d510 and they all are the same so if you need one to buy are just look at one click this link 

  • If you install a drive over 120G you MUST partition it and install Windows to a partition that resides below the 120G barrier.  Once you have Windows running, you can create a second data partition to use the rest of the drive.

    There aren't many EIDE drives left -- they were made up to 320G for mobile systems.

    Your link includes many desktop drives - you need a 2.5" EIDE (NOT SATA) drive for this system.