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Dimension DXP051 very slow to start up

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Dimension DXP051 very slow to start up

  • I have Dell Dimension DXPO51 with Pentium(R)D CPU 3.2 GHz, and 3.19 BHz, 3 GB of RAM.

    Windows XP, Home Edition Version 2002, Service Pack 3.


    It take 30 min to start up my computer. I checked virus but there are none. When I click any button before completing starting up, it takes 5 min to respond to my click.


    could anyone tell me how to reduce the start up time please.

    Thanks in advance.

    Message Edited by elvisparsley on 10-25-2008 05:11 AM
  • Is the HD light on during the 30 minutes and 5 minutes?  My first guess is that it could be a HD issue.  It could be failing or running in PIO mode which is very slow. 


    I would check the event log (right click on My Computer and select Manage and then Event Viewer and then System).  Look for errors or warnings that occurred during the delays.


    I would also run the extended diagnostics to make sure you don't have hardware issues.


    Check in task manager (control-alt-delete) and see how much memory you are using.  Look at Commit Charge at the bottom.  Also check to see if the CPU is highly utilize.



  • Came across this post as I have a similiar problem. My Precision 490 on startup has its disk light full on for the first 5-10 minutes during which time you can't do alot.  This problem seems to have slowly progressed over the last six months.

    Once it has finished disk writing it is fine.


    Almost as if it doing some large backup or check on startup.


    Any ideas ??