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Error code 0F00:065D

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Error code 0F00:065D

  • Does anyone know what these error codes mean? I ran a system diagnostics test and got these results:


    No additional sense information

    Test Results: Fail

    Error Code: 0F00:065D

    Msg: IDE device falled the self-test falled the read portion of the test


     Thank you

  • The hard drive has failed.


    Under warranty:  call Dell, report the error and they'll ship you a hard drive.  Ask for a pre-imaged warranty replacement - it will save you hours of reconfiguring time.


    Out of warranty:  replace the drive with one of the same type (SATA or PATA).  If PATA, note that many systems are limited to 120G by the BIOS.



  • But my laptop still starts normally now,just slower.Like you say,my hard disk is die.And Dell must give me a new hard disk because it is under warranty.

  • Error means the S.M.A.R.T self test blew it, which means the circuitry HW on the drive is going south. If you system is under warranty, call tech support. if the system is under 1 year, they ship a drive already imaged. Over 1 year you get a blank. The former option if eligilbe takes a few days. Latter option is next day.