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T5400 and XP install

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T5400 and XP install

  • I am trying to install XP Pro on 2 of our Precision T5400 workstations.  It kept failing with a blue screen before it found any drives with a BSOD (STOP: 0x0000007B).  I downloaded all of the SATA, and SAS RAID driversand put them onto floppy disk.


    I have tried all of these drivers on both T5400 workstations and nothing works.  I always get the "STOP: 0x0000007B" error.  I've tried multiple FDD's, multiple XP CD's and on both of the T5400's we have.  Is there a concensus on exactly which driver (there are a few sets, and multi options in some sets) should work?  Do I need to pre-install multiple drivers?


    Could it be something else that is causing the BSOD?

  • Is your CD drive SATA or IDE?


    Are the 2 T5400's in a RAID configuration?


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  • SATA-0 160Gb HDD

    SATA-1 160Gb HDD

    SATA-2 DVD+/-RW


    0 & 1 are in a RAID 1 (mirrored) configuration.

  • I recently ran into this problem with a system I have that is running XP! Apparently, the drivers for IDE optical drives are incorporated into the Windows XP installation CD, SATA drivers are not. The result is the system does not recognize the SATA optical drive until the drivers are installed after the base operating system.(hence, blue screen 0x000007B error)


    Remedy: If you have the know with all to slipstream the SATA optical drivers into the XP install CD, that might work, or get an IDE optical drive connected to your system(for OS installation only)and install the operating system that way. I hope this helps, good luck! 


    P.S. Also, do you have an option to boot from SATA optical drive in your system BIOS?


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  • Unfortunately, using an external CD drive (USB) didn't make any difference.  Nor did getting hte drivers direct from Intel.  I'm now working on slipstreaming to see if that helps.
  • Upon further research, the BIOS setup for these systems is a bit complex. Are you sure that you have all the settings properly configured for your circumstances?



    T5400 System Setup

  • I finally managed it.  I created a slipstream XP install following this article:



    The drivers I added were the Intel drivers linked in the article, and also selected ones from the driver CD supplied with the system.  I don't know if it was the (un-named) drivers that made the difference or the fact that they were on the CD, but I now have a CD that can install XP on our workstations extremely quickly and easily.


    I'm now going to add in the drivers for network, audio etc and investigate additional apps. So, from not being able to intall to a very smooth install in 1 (pretty) easy step.


    Thanks for your help.

  • Your welcome. Glad to hear you've got it up and running!