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Inspiron 6400/E1505 Software rebuild/reinstall

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Inspiron 6400/E1505 Software rebuild/reinstall

  • Hi guys, my first post, so please be gentle.  sorry if people think I'm repeating other threads as well, but I can seem to find one place which deals with all the issues I have...


    I need to do a complete fresh reinstall of my Laptop to get it back to working, but I just dont know what i'm missing.


    I have the Dell XP disc, and this gets me a fresh XP install, I have downloaded all the latest drivers and apps for my machine also to get it working however I am unable to get my Media Direct buttons to work.


    I have received a Reinstall MediaDirect disc (PJ422 rev A02) however it doesnt finish install (stops at "initializing 10%" - failure when copying error) and even though I tried both v2 and v3 installs (I think it is version 2) it doesnt change anything.


    I have 2 partitions (55gb and 17.5gb) and 2067mb unpartitioned disk space.


    I'm beginning to suspect I am missing some other suites of software that Media Direct needs such as Cyberlink and Sonic (I dont have discs for these) or Dell Media Experience 3 (again, no disc) - interestingly all of these are listed in my original configuration, whereas Media Direct isnt - yet Dell sent me that disc and not the others.


    Anyway, if someone can guide me through what I need to get from Dell, and in which order to boot/partition/install etc etc I would be in your debt!!!


    Thanks in advance

  • 1)OS disk

    2)Media Direct disk

    3)Dell Utility disk


    First insert the media direct cd(select boot from disk) this will install the media direct partition on the disk.

    Next insert the OS disk(select boot from disk) let it install the OS.

    Now insert the media direct cd again(in windows state this time)this will finish installing media direct.

    Now insert your dell utility disk and install the drivers,in this order.(the first 3 in exact order).

    1-Notebook system software,re-boot





    6-wireless card

    7-synaptics touchpad





    Make sure you download all the windows updates(should be about 53 or 63)this will take a while.

    Install all of your programs and software.


    Thats it.



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  • thanks for this, but just a couple of questions...


    this looks like the MediaDirect version3 install - I think my disc is version 2 - PJ422 rev A02 - (and I think I may have the HPA mounted install) so is the process different for version 2.


    I presume its ok if I dont have the Utility disc but do have all the drivers downloaded?


    (((Finally, what if I dont have the Cyberlink PowerDVD and Sonic Cineplayer Dell Media Experience included in the Media Direct software?  Just cant figure what will be playing the "Media" if I dont have software suite installed???)))

  • oh, another thing - I read somewhere that I need a Dell "Utility/Diagnostic" partition before the System partition....I'm afraid I deleted mine.


  • That partition cannot be recreated.


  • do you mean the MD2 partition (HPA) - yes I read that it cant be recreated (or is very difficult) but I think mine is still there as my HDD capacity is somethink like 74.xGB not 76.3GB.


    This is just so frustrating and the main reason I started a fresh post - it just seems that depending on individual circumstances, there are a multitude of fixes.  I'm kind of hoping someone else out there has suffered my problem too - it seems that this "10%" error when installing the MediaDirect CD is fairly unique - has anyone fixed this?

  • I just redone my 6400 the other day, as I had it set up for a while without my dell media direct working properly.


    First thing is put the media direct cd in your computer power down and power up with F12.


    Then select option 1 allocate all other available space to a c partition.


    Then remove the dell media direct when prompted, and insert your xp disc and press enter to restart hold f12 whilst starting and boot from your xp disc install it on the c partition.


    Follow the instructions, format the harddrive with NTFS file format.


    Meanwhile on another computer download the following:


    Copy the following to a cd or dvd or external hard drive.


    1. Download xp service pack 3:


    Download the following drivers from here:



    2. Dell System Notebook Software Under System Utilities


    3. Both the chipset drivers


    4. Then the intel video driver (or ATI or NVIDIA driver)


    5. Then the two Conexant Drivers Under Communications


    6. Then the two Broadcom Drivers Under Network


    7. Then depending what you have dell wireless card or intel proset wireless under network


    8. Then the sigmatel driver under audio


    9. Then synaptics touchpad under input devices


    10. Then the dell quickset under applications


    11. Bluetooth driver under network if you have bluetooth, will be a blue light if switched on if you have a bluetooth card.


    12. Then the diagnostics drivers under Diagnostics


    13. Go here: and you can download a black xp and xp media centre edition colours.


    14. If using msn messenger download from here: and download this to customise the messenger and get rid of adverts.


    15. Download and install windows media player 11.


    Once you have downloaded all of these and saved them on a cd or dvd or external hardrive. Follow the following steps.


    Once xp is installed, you will need to install the drivers 1. - 15. in the order specified. And finally after thats all done make sure you restart. Then insert your media direct cd in the drive again and install it while running xp after xp has loaded up

    Philip Yip


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